Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 26, 2013

Sept TB 2013

Patty’s suggestion for incentive zoning was far more entertaining. Mr. Steinmetz made a return appearance after years. Rose Hills Cemetery wants to expand a lot, and they want to use Bob-O’s incentive zoning law to do it. Incentive zoning means anything anywhere.

Mr. Steinmetz did acknowledge that cemeteries are not a permitted use in our code. So the Town doesn’t have to allow it at all. Remember that cemeteries do not pay taxes.

Mr. Steinmetz wants a change of zoning from residential to commercial.

I have to go back and see what the story was when they were talking about their last expansion, if there was a plan for future expansion in their last special use permit.

It seems to me like a lousy deal. The cemetery has already exceeded the area that they are allowed to use, and so while trails might be a gift to the town, the open space is not. The town doesn’t seem to be getting much of anything in the exchange.

But his clients have spent a lot of money, and the Town Board didn’t seem to have any questions. He wants to, so it seems he can.

There was a traffic report, and it said that there is no problem with increased traffic at Adams Corners. It’s interesting that these things all change according to what one wants to do. That intersection was unsafe with visibility issues when they wanted to widen Peekskill Hollow Road up to Route 301. Now it is fine. While I opposed the PHR plan, I have never been against resolving the intersectional problems at Adams Corners.

There won’t be any public discussion until his clients have spent a lot more money, and we know that means he will be allowed to proceed.

I did think that it was interesting that with Marsh Hill, we were told that the new homes would not have a negative tax impact, but now that they don’t want to put houses at Adams Corners, there would be a negative tax impact from houses.

Speaking of Peekskill Hollow Road, Victor Tiship gets the award for persistence. There will finally be a weight limit on Peekskill Hollow Road, and he was the moving force behind it. It shouldn’t have been such a long, hard fight, but it was, and he kept going. I give him a lot of credit.

Line of the night – “If Bob can do it, anyone can do it.” Sheryl Luongo, on the subject of the new STAR registration. Call her if you need help. The deadline is December 31, but do it early.

John Landi volunteered for pie in the face at Town Day. Brave of him!

AAA Carting – $78.66 per ton for the transfer station garbage. That will be borne by Lake Peekskill. The other districts will be paying $109k for their garbage pick-up.

Another $1500 authorized for Brian Shook for the Town Hall roof repair.

They opted not to discuss the bids for the Leibell Wing for Town Hall, the ones that were over $800k. How much money has this fiasco cost?

Town Park electrical was authorized.

SamO says that there has been interest in the two deteriorated county properties.

Jackie says that there is not much goin’ on in Lake Peekskill.

There was a peculiar discussion about the Lookout Manor very small parking lot. Lee Ave residents who are not in the district want to use it for winter parking because their street is too narrow. Districts pay for their own facilities. Other residents do not.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.


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