Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 4, 2013

Sheriff’s Advisory Committee

The Hudson Valley Reporter has video of the Sheriff’s debate.  The subject of the Sheriff’s Advisory Committee was raised.  I didn’t find Sheriff Smith’s response to be satisfying.  The first time I heard of these id cards with badges was when Dario Gristina made a traffic stop as a member of the committee.  A member of the committee was arrested earlier this year.  With a new arrest for another committee member, Sheriff Smith is saying that the recently arrested PV resident, Michael Cola, was never issued an id.  

When I was challenging political petitions, and there were some irregular occurrences with the procedures surrounding the challenges and court decisions, I was informed that Ms. Annabi is a member of this committee.  

I would have thought that Mr. Gristina’s behavior would have been enough reason to dissolve this odd committee.


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