Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 9, 2013

Political Petitions

Remember those?

I was in court today.  I’m not sure why.

I challenged 3 sets of petitions, and I stand by my challenges.  They were not upheld. But the Jackie Annabi Independence petitions were invalidated.  Jackie put in a new set of petitions to primary herself, then her brother’s law firm filed an order to show cause to put reinstate her petitions.  Yesterday was the court date, except it wasn’t.

I had been served bizarrely, and I was prepared to go.  Then I discovered that instead of being heard in Judge Nicolai’s court, the matter had been decided in Judge Lubell’s court, and no one had thought to notify the parties involved.

So some phone calls and emails later, I asked how I could get the minutes of the proceeding.  I was asked to fax a letter about what had transpired.  I did that, and yesterday ended up having to notice everyone that we were to be in court today.

We all were, but it was already decided, there was no explanation as to why we weren’t allowed to be present, and how the Board of Election’s decision to invalidate those petitions just went away.

Petitions are not unimportant in the political and legal process.  Putnam Valley has had a prosecution related to this in the past, Putnam County in the more recent past, and petition wars are going on now in the East. 

I find myself wondering what the rules are, and to whom they apply.






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