Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 3, 2013

June Town Board – work

June irregular
Bob-O wasn’t there for the June “work session,” so Jackie ran the show.

The Town Board amended the agenda to add Parks and Rec personnel. The list has been removed from the town website.

Jackie said that they had agreed on a contract after “years and years and years of negotiations.” BZ said that there was a revised appendix B on longevity. I have heard that Bob-O lost on the issue of forcing employees to come in the day after 16 hour days of snow-plowing.

They also approved the CSEA contract.

They appointed a Lake Peekskill seasonal laborer at $11.44/hour.

They discussed taking the rule making and enforcement authority away from Parks and Rec (where it should not have been) for the Town Park, specifically the dog park.

They waived permit fees for the Eagle Scout project at Hilltop for a staircase. I am wondering about future liability and DEC permits.

They voted to move Sam Davis’ virtual solar panels to the proposed Leibell wing on Town Hall, from the fire department roof. They are investigating a new location if the wing is not built.

BZ explained a flooding issue on Trail of the Hemlocks. He recommended a price and surveyor to locate town drains and property boundaries to begin to determine the location and causes of flooding.

The Secretary of State can accept notices of claim for negligence claims, so the Town Board appointed Eileen Royale to be able to accept claims for the Secretary of State.


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