Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 21, 2013

I got my financial disclosure info from the Board of Elections

Dawn Powell for Putnam Valley Town Board

“I am running to decrease our tax burden, encourage more voices, and restore a local democratic process.”

We need a 2 party system here. Town Hall is our first access to government and directly affects the quality of our lives. I think we need to have political conversation again, with everyone talking about our ideas and opinions concerning our community. I am, therefore, running for Putnam Valley Town Board.

For two and a half years, we did not have a Teamsters’ contract – unfair to employees, but also to taxpayers who will need to pay the back pay. For 2013, the Town Board overrode the tax cap instead of budgeting more carefully. Near completion on a $400K storage building for the Town Park, we will now be moving on to the $250K+ Leibell wing of Town Hall. Town building improvements seem haphazard, unplanned and expensive. Eight years later, we do not have an updated wetlands law, a protected biodiversity corridor, or ridgeline protection. Are we still interested in these? How can we act locally?

I want to know if the community is still interested in the Comprehensive Plan and seeing it implemented. I want to know what the voters want to see in town, where their priorities are, which services matter to them.

I will welcome participation from all Town residents. I will work to protect and preserve our fragile environment and the economic diversity of our community.

I will continually review and challenge town expenses, and seek all opportunities for consolidation. I will work with others to maximize community planning, and utilize state and federal resources effectively.

Like the community facebook pages – Lake Peekskill and Putnam Valley.
Check out about town government.
Email me at

Let’s start this town talking again.

Thank you,




  1. Congratulations on your decision. I miss seeing you when I run.

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