Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 18, 2013

June Town Board

Two interesting items for tomorrow night’s Town Board meeting.

They will reject a bid for Bob-O’s Leibell wing on Town Hall.  There was only one bid, and it was a whopper.  You might remember that Vinnie Leibell got Bob $250K from the dormitory authority for the wing.  A good chunk of change was spent on the architect, and now Bob-O is ready to build.  The bid was from Aphrodite Construction.  It was $825K.  It is not all that surprising, but amazing that he gets away with this stuff.  As I said, the Town Board is set to reject that bid, but what are the odds that this project will come in at any price that would be reasonable for the overburdened taxpayers of Putnam Valley?  And Bob-O already said that he is ready to bond a good chunk of change to build it.



And there will be a report on the Hudson River Estuary flooding project. That should be enlightening.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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