Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 8, 2013

The Town Board is going to approve a Teamsters contract, 2 ½ years late. Better late than never? It will be interesting to see what it says.

They will approve the CSEA contract, but that’s not late yet.

They are going to move Sam Davis’ photovoltaic project, probably from the fire department roof to the roof of the $250K Leibell wing. That took a few years.

A very interesting irregular meeting agenda – Bob-O must think it’s an election year. I can hardly wait to see the agenda documents.

They are going to give authority to the Town Clerk to accept notices of claim for the Secretary of State. I wonder what that’s about.

And they are going to take the authority away from the Parks and Recreation Commission to set the rules for the dog park.
It should be fun.

Added In – the May irregular meeting.
They accepted the report on the Cablevision cell tower, which had been in disrepair, and now has been fixed. Sadly, there is construction of another tower, causing more destruction and disturbance. The town code provides for
colocation of these towers, but the new one could not be colocated at the deteriorated structure.
May meetings

An executive session on the Board of Assessment Review contract with Patterson and the Teamsters contract….

Bill Bujarski was given a permanent part time appointment with the building department for $28/hour, retroactive. Wendy wanted to discuss something about it in executive session, but they went ahead with it.

They waived the building department fees for a roof repair at the grange.

There was only one bid for the valve in Roaring Brook, $97,693. They seemed prepared for it.

Bob-O said, “they took our waste basket”, and that reminds me – most supporting information for the agenda is provided in hard copy to each town board member, the attorney to the town and the clerk. If they would use word documents on laptops, they could save a tree per meeting, and clerical time. Then they wouldn’t need a waste basket to toss the paper that they look at for 40 seconds.

One item from Christmas decorations was reduced in price from $554 to $505. That doesn’t include the other $5K spent, or the clerical time needed to make that change.

The Cantamessa discussion, fee waivers, can we please change that law?


An executive session on the Cablevision contract.

They are going out for bids on the Oscawana Lake phosphorus retrofit project.

Bob-O was trying to sound warm and fuzzy talking about Wally, who is up for adoption from the Town dog shelter, but he (Bob-O) kept calling him (Wally) ’it.’ Adopt a dog, a cat anyway. Learn how to rehab.

The auditors – All departments were in budget, pension contributions went up 130%, health insurance up 20%, two districts are in deficit, not allowed by law – the fire department and Continental Village.

The county legislature overrode Mary Ellen Odell’s veto of their resolution about Indian Point – to do something about the evacuation route, and about the overcrowded spent fuel rod pools. What was she thinking with that veto? I went to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s meeting that was held on the same night. The NRC spokesman acknowledged that in a low probability high consequence event, not everyone would be able to get out. If something bad happens, we’re going down. And we don’t even get any electricity from the place. It doesn’t seem like a good deal to me. During Sandy, when none of us could get anywhere, and no one had any power, Indian Point was still operating.

County planning, as part of economic development, will be assisting businesses and non-profits in applying for grants.

Bob-O thought it was funny that some people are worried about how unsafe artificial turf is, when the kids are playing an
unsafe sport like lacrosse.

They accepted the MS4 report. I’m sorry that they don’t use this report as an opportunity for public education anymore. MS4 is about the storm systems, and other efforts to decrease polluting discharges into streams and water.

On the DEC phosphorus reduction project, Folchetti (the town engineer) did the plans, and will be receiving the bids? Is that what’s supposed to happen?

The Parks and Rec pay scale was adopted for lifeguards and swimming lessons, probably at Lake Peekskill, without reimbursement to the district.

Parks and Recreation will be spending $9600 for the light posts at the basketball courts and $16,750 for the guard rail from the entrance of the park to the volleyball courts. They didn’t say why they didn’t take the low bid.
New flags were purchased for Lake Peekskill. The railings on the bridge will be painted by an LP Boy Scout, and the railroad ties will be replaced at the parking lot. Beach monitors were named to be paid $8,25/hour. Shouldn’t they get a raise?

Lookout Manor will have a seasonal laborer for the summer to be paid $15/hour, no more than 1 hour/day.

They were going to talk about Putnam Valley v. Adorno, an oldie but a goodie.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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