Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 13, 2013

TB – April and March regular

I had watching meetings block.

March regular 3-20-13 – more of Old Muttonchop’s confusion about the SPCA – the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.  Our Putnam officer can now write tickets on our town dog laws if he is responding to a cruelty complaint.

It wasn’t easy.  There was more discussion, and executive session on contractual matters.  Huh? But finally, it is done.  Now if we can increase dog control and improve the shelter.

Shawn mentioned the burn ban.  Larry said they fixed a wall on Lovers Lane.

The Boy Scouts were there about an Eagle Scout.  I think they should do an open government project, –  or the Girl Scouts.  And while we’re on it, I would love to see wildlife rehab be part of scouting, 4-H, schools.

Sam O said the legislature has banned fracking waste on its roads and is hoping the towns will follow suit.  Have any of the towns in Putnam County done it?  No one on the TB said anything.  Sam O said that 16 counties upstate use it.  We should find out which ones so we don’t go there.

He also mentioned the resolution about Indian Point that was passed by the legislature about addressing the spent fuel rods and an expanded evacuation plan.  The ledge passed it 7-2, and then Mary Ellen Odell vetoed it.  Since the resolution is merely a suggestion, why would she bother to veto it?  There is a meeting on Tuesday in Carmel.  People will be there from Entergy to present their point of view.  But there is also a meeting in Tarrytown, the annual NRC meeting.  Take your pick.  They should both be fun.

George’s Superstation at Oregon Corners and the Croft House, or Ingersoll House are supposed to be for sale, momentarily.  Odd that the house at Croft Corners was mentioned as abandoned.  The county has owned it for years.   What happened to the group that was going to save it?  Now that it is not occupied…..

OMC mentioned the Leibell wing for which they have gone out to bid, 3110 square feet, and he is very proud.  The good news is that Vinnie can be there for the ground-breaking.  The money is from the state, so OMC doesn’t count that as tax money.

They are doing the interior work on the equipment shed at the town park, an office, bathroom, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.



Very irregular work session, April 10, 2013.  On the website, under town board, there is mention of town board meetings, no mention of ”work sessions”. 

They amended the $52K for Elite Environmental to remove soil at the highway department prior to the installation of a 1000 gallon drywell.

They authorized the $26K court fence at the town park.  Who is the Wagner Foundation?

OMC announced an executive session on contracts – CSEA, Teamsters, the ambulance corps and  “possible proposed contractual as yet to be discussed.”  I wonder what Robert Freeman would make of that.

They are borrowing the money for the sweeper vac for the highway department.  I didn’t hear an amount mentioned, and didn’t find a supporting document on the website.  The lender, First Niagara Leasing, wants the interest to be tax free.

April 17, 2013 meeting – the regular one., the way back machine has old meetings, way back.

The executive session was contractual and litigation, no topics mentioned.  I can guess, but it shouldn’t be a secret.

Roaring Brook overpass, $20 million for engineering, obtained by State Senator Terry Gipson.  He is sure earning his salary.  There will be a public forum on the subject, to be announced.

He got us $41K in Aim funding, 28.5% increase in CHIPS funding for roads, and an increase to the library, and an increase for the PV School District.

Bob-O  wants something done about Lake Wawayonda.  Has that become the hot topic in town? I hadn’t heard that.

Anthony Ruggiero and Vinnie Tamagna did a presentation on transportation in Putnam County, and it was interesting.  Mr. Ruggiero said that studying buses was “truly fascinating.”  Ya gotta love that!

A third of the population in Putnam County has no transportation.  We had noticed that.  The bus that doesn’t come here is a 2 hour loop.

May 18 is hazardous waste day.  You have to pre-register.

Sam O still wants a brew pub at the garage. 

Sunk Mine Road was repaved? It is a great Putnam Valley hike.  They mentioned the iron mines and the railroad beds.

Who said something about “to keep the taxes low?”  Huh?

County Legislator Scuccimara said, re: medication take back, “Who knows where they’ll end up if you put them in the garbage.”  Shouldn’t we know where the garbage ends up?

May 21 is the school budget vote.

For the Wood Street drainage project, SEQRA neg dec, Bob-O said twice, “Do I have to read the whole thing?”  The TB is supposed to actually consider if the issues surrounding environmental impact before declaring that there is none.  Bill Zutt thought that they were doing the lead agency.

They approved the aerating and spraying of the softball fields. That’s a great reason not to play softball.

$3500 for Elena Tarrant to be Roaring Brook lake superintendent from May 20 – September 6.

Louis is excited about the 175th anniversary of the town next year and wants to do something.

Public comment was all from the elected officials.

The website has some nice photos posted on the history section.  There is no longer an employment section.  Bob-O never used it, but when it was there, one could hope for a legitimate hiring process.





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