Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 19, 2013

Putnam Valley Town Board,  March 13, 2013

Most of the March irregular meeting was about the SPCA.  The Town Board doesn’t seem to understand dog control in the town and dog cruelty enforcement yet.  I support authorizing the SPCA to enforce town code in Putnam Valley.  I thought Mr. Ross’ presentation last month was very clear, and that the email he sent to the TB only reiterated what he had already said.

[ 1-18-15   In retrospect, having looked at the state law and the local statute, I don’t see that this change in the law was ever needed.  The law seems clear that the SPCA had enforcement power of state regulations and town regulations before any of this happened.  You can take a look at both, and let me know what you think.]

The public hearing will continue tomorrow night at 6PM, and Mr. Ross will return.  If you have anything more to say about it all, email the Town Board and/or Town Clerk,,,,

Or fax.  Or go to the public hearing.

There are a few job openings.  In Lake Peekskill, they are hiring beach monitors and seasonal laborers.  In Roaring Brook, they are looking for a lake superintendent.  In Lake Oscawana, they are looking for weed harvester operators.  And in Barger Pond, they are seeking a seasonal laborer.

If you are interested in a job, contact the District Clerk,, or your Town Board members, or the Town Clerk.

Back to the irregular meeting, Old Muttonchops can learn new tricks.  He did not open the work session before the public hearings, and he announced the contractual matters for his executive session – the ambulance corps contract and the Elite Environmental contract for soil testing at the highway department.  Nice to see, along with the clear explanation of both issues.

There is some problem with the ambulance corps contract according to the Office of the Comptroller, and so they authorized it pending clarification of the defect.

The highway department has to test the soil behind their facility before construction of a soil/water separator.  It doesn’t appear that there were bids or RFPs in this contract.  The TB authorized a $16,702 contract with Elite Environmental.

They authorized Princeton Hydro for carp barriers in Lake Oscawana.  Was there a public process in that one?

The contract with the auditor will cost $43,500.

They waived a civil penalty for building without a permit.  That law needs a rewrite.

They hired an assistant to the finance director, Marianne DeSantis, without explanation.

At tomorrow night’s meeting, they will be authorizing the bid for the Leibell wing on Town Hall.  And they will be going out to bid for the interior of the $400K maintenance mansion at the entrance to the Town Park.

They are going to appoint another snow plow rider, but I am really hoping that we are done with that.

Happy Spring!

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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