Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 18, 2013


The SPCA investigates cruelty complaints.  Cruelty to animals is starving them, beating them, abusing them, harming them in some way, all of which is illegal.  I didn’t think that needed explanation.

The SPCA doesn’t pick up stray animals,  They don’t transport stray animals to Putnam Humane Society.  We have a dog control officer for those types of complaints.  If the SPCA is investigating a cruelty complaint, and the Town of Putnam Valley authorizes his enforcement of the town code, he can write an appearance ticket if there is a code violation.  He will not be responding to unleashed dog complaints.

At large dog complaints should go to the Dog Control Officer.  The Town needs to increase the hours that they devote to dog control issues.

The Roaring Brook dog complaints are serious, and by now, I’m sure that town officials have looked into the delay in legal response.   An at large animal attacking, while significant, is not a cruelty complaint.


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