Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 5, 2013

February Town Board 2013

The “regular” meeting. 

Larry said that he’d like to see the Teamsters’ contract settled.  Old Muttonchops said he would too.  It certainly hasn’t seemed that way…for years now.

 Two executive sessions were announced – the contract for the appraisal for the Lorterdan property, the Teamsters contract and now CSEA, and the interminable litigation – no litigant announced.  The Lorterdan (Living Springs) appraisal is apparently not for acquisition, but seems to be for assessment.  

 There was a presentation about the Parks and Recreation maintenance mansion.  Frank said it’s not much bigger than the old one.  He had a lot of different figures, but the one that sticks out is that the total cost will be just under $400,000.  The two overhead doors will be $5820.  He will also be getting $120 K from the Wagners to do other projects at the park, a solicited donation.  The two gates at the Johnson field will be $1575.

 Sam O said something about the Journal News and the publishing of the names of gun owners as hurting 2nd amendment rights.  I didn’t understand how that jeopardized 2nd amendment rights at all.

 He mentioned the county tree sale.  It’s a good deal.  Orders have to be in by March 12.  Plant a tree to counter overdevelopment, to help Hurricane Sandy recovery, to reverse climate change, to contribute to the future.

 Ms. Scuccimara mentioned the Safe Act, the state’s gun law, and the legislature’s opposition to it.  I think the legislature’s resolutions have been appalling.  Even when 6 and 7 year olds are killed, they don’t choose to protect the public health and safety.

 She mentioned the effort to ban hydrofracking fluids on Putnam County roads.  The legislature supports it, and was just trying to determine if they could ban it on all roads or just county roads.  Some Supes want to ban it in their own towns, so they can get political points.  Unrelated to all the hoopla, it seems likely to pass.

 There is a new e-waste company for the county, but I’m not sure why.  Take it to Best Buy or other electronics vendors.  Now if they were picking it up curbside….. 

 When Old Muttonchops got to approving the Lorterdan appraisal, there was no discussion of the reason.

 Then, OMC was telling everyone to go to to vote for a teacher, and he repeated it so that we could hear him say it again.  Then he spelled it –  I’m sure someone has pointed out his error to him.

 There was an interesting point where they lost power, and the battery pack kept the recording going.  Funny!

 The zoning board clerk is being appointed to the court, first at 5 hours per week, then 10, then 17.  No explanation.

 The adjusted pay rate for Mike Palazzo, highway laborer is $24.98/hour.  Again, no explanation.

 Glen Baisley has a rescued cat for adoption.  I never thought of public comment for that.  Good for him.  I have a great cat for adoption, sweet, good with other cats.  Let me know!

 Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.











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