Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 4, 2013

February Irregular Meeting 2013

The Town wanted to engage in a illegally improper labor practice, extending the Teamsters’ Contract, which expired in 2010…..for more than one year, even though they knew what the law is.  The union legal counsel told them they would file a suit for improper practices if they did that.

Old Muttonchops and Bill Zutt seemed to be incensed that the other side would uphold the law when Bill and Bob-o wanted to break it. Huh?? OMC thinks that the reason that government doesn’t work

Is because of the people upholding the law, not the ones trying to break it.  He probably thinks that Dennis Sant is a “national hero” for breaking the law.

 Some state legislature out toward the west wanted to pass a law that local enforcement would only have to enforce laws that they wanted to.  Isn’t that the same as chaos?

 So the town has to start negotiations for 2012.  They had nothing kind to say about the union, and OMC thinks that if he keeps praising our highway guys, that will help.  I’m sure they’d rather have a contract.  If you want to see the fact finders report, go to  If you can figure out why OMC hasn’t been able to negotiate this contract for 3 years, please explain it to me.

The TB had to amend Adam Babbitt’s term for the Planning Board.

They talked about the Phil Keating aka Agnes Keating letter of credit for infrastructure again.  They are extending it even though there is no longer a site plan approval, contingent upon any engineer changes in the amount needed.  Good place for land preservation for anyone who needs a project.

They mentioned something about the LOSAP credits for the fire department being skewed – no explanation.  I have heard complaints about no roster for response at the fire department, so that whoever shows gets credit.   I have also heard complaints about a disabled man getting credit, when they cannot fight fires.  LOSAP is length of service credit for retirement benefits. 

As previously reported, Dan Ricci showed up to talk about Tompkins Corners Church.  But no one else is talking about it.

Then there was a really strange conversation about the SPCA, and 2 baying beagles.  It is impossible to be involved with town government or emergency services, and not know who Ken Ross is.  Before an SPCA was established in Putnam County, he was in Westchester County.  He would help us sometimes with the more egregious acts of animal cruelty.  Now there is an SPCA in the county (it is a private organization), and Putnam Valley reps have been talking about an agreement to have them (him) in Putnam Valley. 

But before they got to talking about cruelty (I’m not sure they ever did) they talked about two baying beagles.  Ya gotta love beagles.  They are sweet, enthusiastic creatures, who make a sound that probably dissuades many potential owners.  They don’t bark, they bay – a sound that some may have trouble being near.

So, these two beagles were baying in the privacy of their own home, and their neighbor was distressed.

Patty, our dog officer, excels at these situations, but she is required to put in 4 hours in the building department, and already puts in extra dog officer hours, and she was unavailable. 

 So because the neighbor was upset, Councilwoman Annabi called Ken Ross.  Now Ken Ross is a peace officer for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  The entire conversation, for which Ms. Annabi was not present, was about these two baying dogs, and at-large dogs.  They seem to be to be dog officer complaints, not cruelty complaints.  He came out, the two beagles were not at-large, and there was no maltreatment. 

 Ken Ross came to the meeting after the odd discussion and gave a good presentation for anyone who is interested in what his function is.  He should be authorized in our town, but not for dog officer complaints.

 It seems like we need more animal control work hours, and improvements to the shelter in Putnam Valley, but that doesn’t seem to be a priority.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.






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