Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 23, 2013

Town Purchase of the Church

Tomkins Corner Church

I was surprised that the church was not discussed by the Town Board at the January meetings. Putnam Valley’s only landmark has been for sale for awhile, and it would be nice to see it saved. The Town Board has been talking about it, but, I guess, not in public.  Dan Ricci went to the meeting to the work session to talk about it, but  they were not ready.  Reportedly, Old Muttonchops wants the town to buy it. So does Wendy.

I want to see it saved, but don’t want to see it owned by the Town. They have not been good caretakers for the town, and everything they do seems to cost more than anyone else would pay. But I did think that it would be discussed.

I haven’t watched the Feb. regular yet.


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