Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 9, 2013


The fact finders report is posted on, albeit a little worse for wear or rather reformatting.

I am wondering why Old Muttonchops discussed it in the back room at the Jan. meeting when he has talked about it in public and in the media.  I do find significant disparity between what he says and what the report said.  See for yourself.

I am appalled still at his objection to the 16 hour rule.  It seems only humane, decent, fair, and safe.  It was stormy and cold last night.  How many hours did our highway guys work?  No matter how many times Old Muttonchops compliments them, his lack of respect comes shining through.

I was interested to note that the union’s wage demands were only 1% over the 2% cap, a cap that Old Muttonchops was unable to stick to. 

Perhaps it is time that the contribution to health care was brought into line with other municipalities.  Our guys contribute more.


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