Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 8, 2013

January regular

Putnam Valley Town Board, January 16, 2013

When the paid State Police shut down the Taconic for some reason, our volunteer fire department will now assist.  State road, state paid employees.  I understand that the state does provide some contribution to fire departments, but I think the state should pay appropriately for service provided for their facilities.

Sheryl Luongo reminded everyone of the deadline for property tax exemptions – 4PM on March 1.  Note from me: Sheryl does not set the date.  She has to abide by it.  Exemptions are available for seniors with income limits, for veterans, for fire and ambulance volunteers, STAR for residents.  Look them up online, or talk to Sheryl, and apply by the deadline.

There were lots of changes to the agenda, so if you thought you knew what was on the agenda and skipped the meeting, there was a lot more.  2 exec sessions, bookends for the meeting, issues with the ethics committee at the beginning.  I never saw that in the open meetings law as a reason for an exec session.

The one at the end was for the Teamsters’ contract.  Bill wanted to include the ambulance corps contract,which expired on January 31, but there weren’t enough council members present.  Louie is on the ambulance corps, has been a former officer, is married to a former officer, and receives property exemptions from his service, so he recused himself.

There was a lot of discussion about the electronics recycling trailer, that has been removed from Town Hall, and the contract was terminated by the provider.  Even though the change was posted on the town website, no one seemed to know anything about it.  On the website, it says that state law changed, and that the town would no longer collect this waste.  It is supposed to be collected by the vendors of electronics product.

The DEC link provided on the town website is wrong, but if you google NYS DEC, you can find it.  It is a bit unclear, so if you know anything about taking this waste to the stores, please let us know.  I prefer that local government not be involved in this recycling if it is available elsewhere.

Did you know that there was a time when Board members didn’t wear shirts and ties to Town Board meetings?  It was a political decision to dress in uniform.

State Senator Terry Gipson and County Legislator Barbara Scuccimara were both at the meeting. Too bad that wasn’t announced before the meeting.  Take a look at for an article about our legislature’s staunch support for guns, two resolutions, the first one introduced by Ms. Scuccimara.  I think it is sad that our local elected officials care very little about protecting children.  It isn’t nearly as important to them as arming the electorate.

Terry’s district office is on Neptune Drive in Poughkeepsie.

On Hollowbrook Road, Mr. Mele has a retaining wall that is on the town right of way.  Difficult road.  There was no discussion of how long the retaining wall has been there.  The town attorney wants to give him an easement in return for some consideration to the town.  Says it would be illegal to just gift it to him.  So what I want to know is how much the taxpayers were paid for the easement that allowed Big Blue to be built?  That is ancient history, but it is the same issue.

They passed a resolution again to allow Phil Keating, technically Agnes Keating, to renew the bond for infrastructure with the town.  The site plan approval has lapsed.  It was originally approved in 2007?

So will someone explain to me how the Town Board can vote to accept a bond for a project that has no current approval?  How does that work?  A lender posts a bond for a project that for all intents and purposes doesn’t exist?  Huh???

The third lot is near Fahnestock.  Perhaps we could ask State Senator Gipson to help us preserve that parcel.

The town declared itself lead agent for the Wood Street drainage project.

Sherry Howard was appointed part time rec leader for $26.46 an hour, no more than 4 hours a week.

They authorized an architect for the interior of the Parks and Rec maintenance mansion for $4750.

The maintenance bond for Marsh Hill Road is expiring.  It’s all ours.

Old Muttonchops actually went out to video Pudding Street and the Taconic because he apparently has nothing better to do.  The NYS DOT has already acknowledged the need for intervention at that intersection.  You’d think he’d know how things are done by now.  And the project is already on the NYMTC schedule.  It was delayed with the fiscal crisis.  I don’t believe that it should have been delayed, but Old Muttonchops was nowhere to be seen or heard when the state did that.  I was glad to see that it is again being discussed as an overpass rather than a grade level improvement.  I hope that State Senator Gipson can have it scheduled sooner.

The Town Board passed its flood damage prevention law.  Bill Zutt pointed out to them that they have to pass the neg dec separately.  Glad to see that, but as I am never satisfied, now I would like them to  actually consider the issues in the neg dec.

There was some comment about the excessive salting of the county roads.  The county has been doing that for decades, and even with a different cast of characters, to borrow a phrase, no one seems willing to do anything about it. 

The turf field at the high school is aging and breaking.  Shouldn’t this be the time to rethink Astroturf, and its impact on students? Probably not, since football is so injurious anyway.

Old Muttonchops is very upset about the “very small dam” for Lake Wawayonda that broke and has not been fixed, as well as another in Fahnestock.

$35K was authorized for the Orlando transfer station.  That’s you Lake Peekskill.  And Old Muttonchops is looking forward to his party on your beach. 

Irv Flinn will probably be able to move forward with his conservation easement to preserve land in the town.  I’m grateful for his perseverance.

The highway department is getting a new sweeper vac.

A new Parks and Rec groundskeeper is starting at $34K.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.  Save the wolves too.  Unconscionable that a war has been waged against them as soon as they were removed from the endangered species list. The Wolf Conservation Center – go howl with the wolves.






  1. I not only agree that football can be injurious but most sports can lead to it. The design of synthetic playing fields has led to studies that show injury increases with its use too.
    As to our drop off for old television sets, Best Buy in Cortlandt Town Center has policy set forth on their website regarding their recycling program and in speaking with sales personnel I was told that they accept “most everything except large items like refrigerators”.
    Here is another website I found too regarding recycling in New York and New Jersey. I wonder if it is legit.
    Thank you, have a nice day, and I have not quit buying my bagels either.
    Lynne Rosner

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