Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 29, 2013

Pudding Street

Below is a repost from Dec. 2011.  I blogged at the time about the public comment period on the Pudding Street overpass.  This project was proposed when Carmelo Santos was Supe.  With the economic downturn, it was postponed.  When it was postponed, there were two people who made public comment to the state on the delay – me and Sam Davis.

Apparently, since it is an election year for Tendy, he has rediscovered the project, and is holding a press conference about it.  Why didn’t he make any public comment on behalf of the community when the project was delayed? Really pitiful.


Irregular Town Board Meeting

December 7, 2011

Putnam Valley

“ The weather outside is……”   I thought he would say frightful.  How many opportunities like that do you get?  But he didn’t.

The irregular Town Board meeting for December, a week early so that they can run out of town early for the Christmas holiday.  The architect for Bob’s big office was late ‘cause the weather was so bad.

So Bob’s big office is gonna cost more money than the $250K he got from Leibell.  But that comes later.  Since the architect wasn’t there for his presentation, they just authorized all the stuff without it.  Louis Luongo said that Bob – O never talked to the fire department about his plans.  Bob –O gave his my door is always open spiel.  That’s always his response to his complete lack of transparency. The fire department uses the back yard for training.  Bob –O wants to fill that up with his building.

Bob has found a new stumbling block for solar photovoltaics, so don’t count on that happening.  He can’t get much done, so no surprise.

The TB appointed Larry Cobb early.  Remember when I commented that they had not appointed Gary to Earl’s unexpired term? Hmmmm….

On Evergreen Road, there is a house in the road right of way, and the owner wants to convey land across the street to the town and have the land that his house is on swapped.

On White Rock Road, everyone is saying that the infrastructure is done.  The people who live there are saying that they are still getting flooding from the project.  This project has gone on for a very long time, and the residents have been through a lot.  Bob says the flooding is not from the project.

Mrs. Nathan wants to convey open space on Barger Street to the town.  Part of it is wetlands and there is a cemetery either on it or adjacent.  There was a gas station there at one time, so Mr. Zutt and Bruce Barber want to check out all of that.

Parks and Rec wants to put a ball field there.  At this moment, they are going to put additional irrigation in the park.

On Wood Glen Street, there were some deficiencies in the drainage basins, but those have been corrected.

Mr. Wax made it through the frightful weather and gave his presentation on Bob’s big office.  In case you don’t remember, Bob cut his office in half, then started to complain about the size of it.  He called Vinnie Leibell, told him his office was too small, and Vinnie came up with $250K from the dormitory authority.  Or so we’ve been told.  Then Bob went about looking for a way to spend the money.  There were 3 architects submitting ideas about this, and Bob and Jackie selected Mr. Wax.

Bob has complained that the clerk’s office in Town Hall is sinking, and there have been proposals at times to update the structure.  This plan, however, does not address any deficiencies in the existing structure.  It adds a new structure attached by a hallway, that is supposed to house the building department, the Planning and Zoning department, and the assessor’s office.  Any changes in the old building have not been addressed.

And that old trailer out in the back for files….there will be attic filing space.  So they can cart all those old files up the steps.

Mr. Yetter seemed to think that the aesthetic integrity of the main Town Hall building should be maintained.

When Bob started out with his big office, the $9 million ($11 million??) fire department plan was on the table.  Presumably it is no longer.  Bob had said at that time, that when the Town expanded into that building, they could bond out the rest of the project.  He didn’t seem to think that Vinnie’s $250K would be enough.

I know that there are some of us who don’t think that there has been adequate planning in all of this, and that perhaps there should be other priorities.  It all seems a little backward.

While politics seems to take out some players, this whole process of money appearing for dubious projects never seems to change.  The whole process remains hopelessly intact, and incarcerations seem to be a matter of politics

There is a list of projects for “economic development” in Putnam County. One of those is $150 K for a hydroponic greenhouse project for Hudson Valley Produce Farms? Where do these things come from?  Where did Bob’s Big Office project come from? And why isn’t this a public and transparent process?

And while we are on the topic of projects, there is a comment period on the Peekskill Hollow Road project which remains unchanged and is slated for 2014 funds.  Yet the project that the citizens actually want at Pudding Street has been changed to a grade level barrier.  Why doesn’t it ever matter what the community wants?  Tax cuts for rich folks.  Projects to transfer tax money into private hands.  There must be a better way.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles (it is cold stun season).




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