Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 17, 2012

Weight Limit on Peekskill Hollow Road

Tonight there is a meeting of the Putnam County Physical Services Committee. Up for discussion is the years’ old request for a weight limit on Peekskill Hollow Road. Complaints have been lodged for years about the heavy equipment traffic on the residential road. The community submitted signed petitions, and we were told that we would have this a long time ago. Contact the Putnam County Legislature at

Dear Legislators:

Years ago, and years before that, out Putnam Valley community asked that you consider us in your planning,especially as it impacts Peekskill Hollow Road and Oregon Corners. We are still awaiting action on a weight limit on Peekskill Hollow Road, and truthfully, we do not know what it is that we are waiting for.

This is a minor request for a road that is hilly, curved, and residential. There are two schools on the road. No one has voiced objection to the weight limit. Please, at long last enact it.

And please schedule a meeting with the community, our legislators, and the highway department to discuss the road, the building that is owned by the county, and the health and future of the two streams that intersect on the county’s property.

Respectfully submitted,


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