Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 14, 2012

Signs, Signs, everywhere a sign, sign…


I was surprised to see two signs on our Oregon Corners garage saying that it was private property.  Hmmmm……Isn’t that pretty much as public as property gets?  We paid a lot of money for that property. Shouldn’t we be able to have hot chocolate in the bays?

And while we are on the subject of signs, that sign across from the high school that says no posting of signs – private property, that sign that is posted on a telephone pole.  It’s illegal to post signs on utility poles isn’t it?  That sign is and the pole are in the public right of way for the road.  When political signs were placed in that public right of way, a protected right of free speech, those signs were removed.  Should we assume that the sign was posted by the same person who posted that illegal sign on the utility pole?  Would that be a reasonable assumption?  Are we to think that there are some in Putnam Valley who believe that they are above the law? Any idea who posted that illegal sign?  Any idea at all?


I am shocked, shocked to find that there is gambling going on in here.

Your winnings, Sir.


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