Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 12, 2012

Back room politics

As usual, Mr. Tendy did not properly announce his back room meeting.  There are three reasons in the law for an executive session and specific ways to announce them.  None of them is “to seek advice from attorney on a zoning change.”  One might assume that Bob-O wanted to discuss the potential legal ramifications of a previously discussed zoning change to preserve land in town.  Now why wouldn’t that be a public discussion?  The rest of it has been painfully public.  Even dull, it should be public.



  1. Many thanks for continuing to write this blog, even though I wonder how many people are reading it these days. I have never seen such public apathy in Put Valley. Ever. Even in the bad ole days, there was somebody out there spoiling for a fight on one side or the other of an issue. The BIC and his henchmen and women are getting away with grand larceny when it comes to the way they are squandering our money, yet not a peep out of anyone. Are people so resigned to letter the Bully have his way? I pray that there is some truth to the saying “pride goeth before a fall” because there are a few in this town that are in for a big one. Happy New Year. Not expected to be any better than the last one, here in Happy Valley,

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