Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 22, 2012

Overriding the Tax Cap!

The Town Board is planning to override the tax cap.  The public hearing is November 7.




  1. Since an override of the 2% tax cap requires 60% approval by the Town Board (whose current membership is four), a 3-2 vote will be needed after Louis Luongo is seated. Question: When will Luongo take his board seat?

  2. While Mr. Luongo is running unopposed, he has to wait for the election to be an elected official. Then he will take his seat on January 1. The Town Board can appoint him now, but since Mr. Luongo’s wife is the assessor, and he is an officer for either or both the fire department and ambulance corps, there are ethical problems with that.

    Three votes are needed to override the tax cap, and I would imagine Bob-O has his three votes at this time.

  3. Actually, point taken. It is an unexpired term, so Mr. Luongo will be in office as soon as the election is certified. The absentee ballots and write-ins will be counted one week after the general, so it seems as if Mr. Luongo will be in office in time to vote to override the tax cap.

    Write in!

    • Certification of this election has taken a bit longer due to extreme circumstances. The tax cap override was passed last Thursday night by Steve MacKay, Jackie Annabi, and Bob Tendy. Louie will be on board tomorrow.

      • This election is not yet certified. Louie is being sworn in before the absentee ballots are counted. Those ballots would not change the outcome, but it is customary to follow that law and wait for a certified election result.

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