Posted by: Dawn Powell | October 6, 2012

Sept 2012 Regular Town Board

This week started the town budget process.  Wednesday night was the first budget meeting.  In honor of the occasion, the tentative budget is posted on the town website under agenda documents!  It is a fun read.

8% increase town, 13% increase fire department.  Bob is giving himself a $773 raise.

I can’t figure out why the garbage transfer station expenses are in the town budget, and not Lake Peekskill.  I might just have to ask.

September 19, 2012 – Town Board Regular

Garbage got interesting in September.  It’s always an exciting topic.  The bids came in for the transfer station, and the district garbage.  The district pick-up is for the special districts that are not Lake Peekskill.  Lake Peekskill has its own employees, and much more expensive garbage pickup.  The low bid for the districts was $9999.93.  Bob-O said it twice, and I listened to it again, because it didn’t make any sense to me.  Last year, the same garbage guys charged $196,594 for the same service.  Hmmmm….

So I asked.  It seems that they meant per month, but didn’t say that, and will honor the bid that they put in.  But even at $9999.93 a month, that would still have been a lot less than the current year (and the last two).  I am wondering if that bid amount will stand.  Lake Peekskill, we are paying a lot more than that.

That awarded bid was from AAA, and they did not bid the lowest amount for the transfer station fee.  My understanding was that the transfer station is now just for Lake Peekskill.  The costs are not in the LP budget, but in the town budget.  I don’t know why.  Don’t you wonder about this stuff?

So AAA Carting didn’t do so well in Putnam Valley this time around.  AAA owns the fence and compactor at the transfer station, so they will be removing it, and RNS will be bringing theirs in.

Sign law – Some other things happened at the September meeting.  Well, the public hearing wasn’t notable.  I had actually set aside time to go.  I had forgotten to mention the need and desire for zoning and planning board signs on projects when I gave my comment at the last public hearing.  I had been told that the board was rewriting the sign law, by someone who would know that sort of thing, but it turned out not to be true.  The only changes were to increase the size of signs allowed for businesses with two street frontages and to include new buildings.  Not worth the bother.  Bob-O didn’t.

Habitat for Humanity is rebuilding a house in Lake Peekskill.  They do green building, LEEDS certified (a specific standard for “green” building), and whatever amenities they can beg.  A solar hot water heater was donated by students for their last house.  Recycling of demolition materials was an Eagle Scout project.  Donations of time and materials were solicited, but if you can’t do that, you can take them lunch!

They approved that engineering contract for the phosphorus removal project at  Greenway Terrace before getting the easement agreement.  The project was supposed to be done in year 2 of the Stormwater timetable, and we are in year 4.  The town will lose the funding if they don’t do it soon.

One resident wants a light at Carraras Beach.  There are cars there at night, and he believes that a light will stop that.  If they are necking, who cares?  If they are dealing drugs, then wouldn’t the Sheriff be better than a light?  $10 a month.  Abele Park is getting one.

225-DRUG is the line for reporting activity.

On the subject of criminal activity, there were the reports of residents’ pets missing, specifically cats.  It was postulated that they were being shot, or that it was coyotes.  On the subject of shooting, there was someone shooting cats in Floradan a couple of years back, and aside from some posturing, nothing was done.  There have also been complaints of shooting in the cemetery, and at Lake Oscawana, outside of hunting season.  My suggestion was a ShotSpotter, an audio system that picks up explosive sounds, and allows a quick response from the Sheriff’s department.  That suggestion was rejected, and no other response to the problem has been offered.

Then, a Lake Peekskill dad posted a comment about the sale of “toy” guns – handguns, assault weapons, and others, at Town Day.

We have had such horrible violent incidents with guns in this country.  Whether or not residents have legal guns, what would be the purpose of selling “toy” guns at Town Day.  And is it even legal?

Shouldn’t there be a response to all of this?

They are lowering Lake Peekskill later in the season before freezing.  They are lowering Roaring Brook after the dam repairs are done.

Speaking of dam repairs, there is an amount in the LP budget for repairs to the dam that the town owns.

LP is getting a new backhoe.


Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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