Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 20, 2012

The September i…

The September irregular 

September 12, 2012

 Not a work session; most of what was on the agenda (the agenda was not posted online) was for decisions, not discussion.

 One may have been an emergency, but maybe not.  Mr. Landi, the town’s CEO (Code Enforcement Officer) has been injured.  He was out; now he is on limited duty.  So Bob-O put out “feelers” for a replacement.  We have such an impressive method of hiring personnel in this town.  Bob-O actually asked 3 people, and one accepted.  No surprise –the appointee is on the Republican committee.  If you need a job in this town, it helps to be politically connected.  Mr. Bujarski is now part time and per diem.

 The town is going to cooperatively bid for electricity with the county. 

There was a long discussion about a large parcel that an individual is trying to save.  Bob-O and buds managed to make this into a bad thing.  They’re not doing anything to save anything, so why should anyone else?  The papers are posted in the agenda documents, so you can read all about it.  What is it they say about good deeds?  I hope he succeeds despite the town.  Who is it here that is not understanding?  I just reread the submission to the Town Board, posted in agenda documents.  This really is a must read and a must see.  The petition is really clear, and the TB discussion is ridiculous.  The parcel is zoned Preservation District and will revert to R2 and R3 with the sale, and the potential owner wants to upzone the parcel, and put a conservation easement on it.  Bob-O doesn’t want to set a bad precedent.  Huh?  Really, read it and watch it and weep.

 Then go to the Cub Scout fundraiser on Town Day and throw pies in their faces!  Really!

 We are spending $1500 so that we will know what the report on the Cablevision cell tower on Piano Mountain says.  The poorly maintained tower has led to an additional area of disturbance for a new tower on the mountain.  We all lose on this one. 

They are gonna spend $14,900 for a Roaring Brook dam repair to be done by Ken Fiorentino.

 Oy vey iz mir.














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