Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 20, 2012

FOIL, Entergy, and Bob-O

At one of those summer meetings – actually the July work session, Bob-O said that the town had applied for, and received two grants from Entergy for Town Day and his Family Day party.  So I asked for a copy of the grant application.  For anyone who doesn’t know, (although between Patty Villanova and me, I don’t know how you could not know what a FOIL request is,nonetheless) Freedom of Information requests can be made for government information that is by its nature, public.  You can ask for it.  Our FOIL officer for town documents is the Town Clerk, Eileen Royael, and she is very nice and accommodating about these requests.

She didn’t have the application, and she asked Bob-O, and apparently he said that he had applied online.  This only led to many more questions, and information that Eileen did not have.  So she forwarded the request to Bob-O, who had made the initial remark.

“Where was the online application made available? What site? Do you have any of the online documents? Do you have anything at all from the applications and grants? When was the grant application authorized by the Town Board? Where was the money deposited? In what budget line? Are there any emails regarding the grants? Are there copies of the checks? How did Entergy make the information available that the granted was awarded?”

Original request – September 6, 2012.

I am waiting with bated breath.



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