Posted by: Dawn Powell | September 20, 2012

District Budget

Lake Peekskill District Budget 2012

The district budget meetings have come and gone.  In Lake Peekskill, everything is pretty much the same, and that is exactly the problem.

Despite 4 years of a lake preservation fund, nothing has been done to protect the health of the lake, and the health of the community.  That fund is gone now.  Apparently if we ignore it, it will go away.  The odor by the end of the summer was pretty bad.  And there was stuff in the water, not pollen.  I don’t know what it was.  There was lots of it.  The lake isn’t tested for macroinvertebrates and zooplankton.

We have become a party destination for out-of towners, but no one is taking care of the lake.

….or the community center.  The roof repair was no bid, pricey presumably because it had been neglected.  We were not supplied with the rental data, although it was requested.  The rentals are handled by Parks and Recreation, not the local district, and the Parks and Recreation Department holds their own classes in the center and at the beaches without reimbursing the district, even when they charge for classes.  Rental income appears to be down, but it’s hard to tell, when no records are provided.

Community beautification, the parking lot, that is, has been added.

There was no explanation of what the beaches need.  What was in this year’s budget went in next year’s.  It used to be that we got reports on what was needed, or members of the public made requests.  Now it just depends on what Bob-O wants for his parties.

And there is no resistance, no opposition, no representation.

We asked what the purchases of 2 pieces of equipment were planned. We asked why we are buying new beach passes, when no one agrees that admittance to the beach is by beach pass.  We asked for a comparison of the costs of district garbage vs. our garbage pick-up.  We asked for another bulk pick-up. We have been asking for some lake restoration.    We asked that the $36K be removed: it is for a garage septic system that the DOH doesn’t want, and the removal of an oil tank that has already been done.  It wasn’t removed.  The accepted bid for garbage removal from the transfer station is $90 a ton.

You’re paying and he’s partying.  His next party will be for Halloween.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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