Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 18, 2012

Oregon Corners – Take 783

Oregon Corners July 2012

There’s an odd little video on Oregon Corners.  Someone told me it was hysterical.  Someone else told me it was clueless.

Lots of traffic noise.  Bob Tendy, Libby Pataki, Mary Ellen Odell, John Tully – the former Deputy County Executive, now the Putnam County Deputy Commissioner of Highway, our own Larry Cobb, and Barbara Scuccimara, who used to be on the Philipstown Town Council and is now a Republican candidate who, I suppose, is in need of campaign exposure.  Vote for the Democrat!  Snippets of their remarks are in italics.

They walk across the Harry Silleck Memorial Bridge!  To George’s Superstation and set a spell on the “patio” of Lizzie’s Supermarket.

If only the DEC will cooperate, there are incentive zoning opportunities at George’s, a microbrewery, a restaurant, Bob’s Big Wall  – lots of investment of taxpayer dollars, the bridge in Cortlandt.  Doesn’t the sign look wonderful?  A gift from Putnam County, installed by our highway department on County property.  George’s is valuable for someone with a vision.  If they just clear out the stream?  It looks like that outlet from the Oscawana Brook is overgrowing and clogging up.  That wouldn’t be a matter of just clearing out the overgrowth.  The conduit and the wall need to be addressed, but I don’t know what you can do about that wall.  No one seems to understand the DEC listed status for the Peekskill Hollow Creek, and water supply for Peekskill.  I would prefer to see our wetlands inspector or someone from the DEC talking about it instead of the pols.  I have been told that the DEC doesn’t allow disturbance within 50 feet of the waterbody.

I have heard 3 different figures for the amount that the garage property at OC has cost the taxpayers.  Bob – O tried to deflect his contribution to that cost, thrust onto taxpayers.  There was some discussion of the sedimentation at the juncture of the two streams and the Big Wall, and the havoc that is being caused for the sewer pipe that runs through there, sewer main knocked out twice. The property has gone to pot.  Chapter 31 – the idea was born here!

Chapter 31 can be seen at and somewhere on the county website.  The version on wordpress has probably been amended.  Basically, the idea is that properties that have been taken for public use can be sold, by decision of the legislature.  There has been talk of listing the garage with a realtor.

Bob-O’s cell phone rang.

A mention of infrastructure dollars.  “Clever mapping.”  “Rail mapping.” “Branding.” The gateway.

Someone asked me about all the water needed for a microbrewery.  And the water at Oregon Corners has been noted for its high mineral content – hard! Hard! Hard!  Perhaps a mineral bath there – but that would be absurd.

Lots of traffic, we just need to get them to stop! 16 miles of shoreline, the neglected west of the county.  Ms. Pataki talked about what a beautiful road Peekskill Hollow Road is.

The video has different titles than the usual, so I assume that the county was paying our videographer.

Short, though not as short as the work session, so you can check it out.


note: At the short August regular TB meeting, Sam O mentioned the county’s drainage work on Peekskill Hollow Road, across from the high school.  It really looks awful.  A portent of things to come?




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