Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 18, 2012

Are we having fun yet? August 2012

Lake Peeksill – fun, kids, insults, and yelling.

The nastiest thing about Bob-O’s treatment of the Lake Peekskill district is his complete lack of respect for everyone involved.  He has had mean words for all.  He lied outright.  Jackie Annabi, who is now the LP liaison, seemed completely sincere in her acknowledgement of the issue of the community’s right to have control of their own property, and in her respect for the legality of the district property rights.  I thought private property rights were a big thing for Republicans.  Bob-O’s manipulation of the situation and the people involved meant lying to her too.  He announced at the TB meeting that his party would only be for LP residents, but he already knew that the out of town group was planning to reune at his party, and planning to charge those out-of towners who were coming.  Arrogance, total disregard for the law, and for the appearance of financial corruption, even at a small level.  But then, he never did waver in his support of Leibell.

I am more than used to his insults, but not everyone was prepared for his outrageous temper.  He does love his parties, especially if someone else is footing the bills.


 on facebook – the Lake Peekskill Civic Association facebook page.

Bob Tendy  “ The Town and the Lake Peekskill youth committee hold an annual event for the residents of Lake Peekskill and their guests.  We call it Lake Peekskill Family Day.  We also encourage former Lake Peekskill residents to visit the event and rekindle old friendships, share memories, etc.  But, of course, Ms.(sic) Powell knows this. She is just engaging in random carping.  Too sad.  Everyone had fun and came away from the day with more memories, and renewed friendships.  Concepts which are apparently lost on some.”


Back in June, Bob-O announced that his Lake Peekskill party was open to everyone.  The members of the Lake Peekskill Civic Association, of which I am not a member, objected.  They have tolerated Bob-O’s poorly attended party, but they wanted beach tags used.  Jackie Annabi heard them and took that request to Bob-O.  So at the July meeting, Bob-O announced that his party would be only for Lake Peekskill residents with beach tags.  In other words, he lied.

Sometime before the event, I saw the Lake Peekskill Kids facebook page, at that time an open group of people who grew up in Lake Peekskill.  They announced that they were having a reunion (their second) at North Beach, everyone was invited, they were charging admission, selling food, no beach tags needed.

I sent a copy of the invitation to Ms. Annabi and Mr. Muniak with no comment, and at that point in time, I had not opined on the subject.  Ms Annabi replied that she knew how I felt (although I had made no comment).  She told me that nothing could be done about this year, but she would bring up the topic at the August work session.

The appearance of the invitation prompted a lot of yelling from Bob-O.  It elicited his “sour faced malcontents” insults, and others.  Despite his love of partying, he is a pretty nasty guy.  While I wasn’t one of the “sour face malcontents, I have been called Voldemort and worse by Bob-O.  It didn’t surprise me that he had to import his guests from out of town.  Pretty pathetic.

Bob-O’s party was not discussed in an open meeting.  Our Town Board members have not gone on the record about their opinion of the use of district property by the Town or outsiders, although I think Steve’s and Wendy’s attendance are probably a statement.  Supposedly the Town Attorney told them, in a backroom meeting, that one tag can admit any number of “guests.”  I am wondering why we would even bother to have beach tags or matrons.  It seems like a tax that we could be spared.

There were taxpayers among the “guests” but among the others, there has never been a contribution to the community center, the cost of district and town employees, the upkeep of the  beach.  The roof on the center cost the community $16K or so.

Now, Bob-O is saying that the “town”  holds an event?  “We call it.. We encourage….”  Bob-O – pay taxes or shut up.

The state defines what district property is and is not.  I have never understood why Bob-O won’t hold a party on the property for which he pays taxes, and then invite us all.  It only seems fair.  He has made it clear that he does not believe that district property is owned by the people who pay taxes to support it.  He does not believe that there are any rules or laws that apply to him.  All beaches in Putnam Valley are now open to the public.  Any time.  So party hearty!

A vehicle was parked on the beach.  Food was cooked and sold.  Someone charged admission.   

Bob-O is thumbing his nose at the residents at Lake Peekskill, and will continue to do so.

My complaints are not random at all. 



Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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