Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 8, 2012

lovely summer d…

lovely summer day…Hudson River….jazz….irregular town board…..hmmmm…..?  no contest.

Irregular Town Board – August 2012


That was the right choice.  Bob-O held a 5 minute meeting.  He talked fast, and moved on to an executive session on “possible litigation” and “personnel matters.” He’ll never get this announcement of exec sessions right.

Bob-O added setting a date for the sign law to the agenda.  Jackie did not raise the issue of the use of Lake Peekskill property by outside groups.

Frank Cassidy was appointed to replace Manuel Sanjua, full time maintenance person, while Mr. Sanjua is on vacation from 7-27 to 8-10.  This meeting was on August 8.

At Lookout Manor, Joshua Jacobs resigned and went to Florida, back on July 25.  He was replaced retroactively.

They are going out to bid on the compaction, transfer, and disposal of garbage from the transfer station used now only by Lake Peekskill.  The district has requested the figures on the cost of district garbage as compared to the cost of garbage removal in Lake Peekskill.  The transfer station lease costs Lake Peekskill about $30K.  The cost used to be distributed among all the districts.

They are also going out to bid for district garbage.

They set the public hearing for the sign law for September 19, at 6PM.

Agenda documents are back!  The $38,800 contract with the architect for the Leibell wing.  Two new rec assistants for Parks and Rec at $10 and $9 per hour.


Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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