Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 3, 2012

PV TB 7-2012

The Rest of the Meeting
Putnam Valley Town Board July Regular Meeting July 2012
The ‘storage building’ for the Town Park will cost $179K. These guys sure throw money around like nothing I’ve ever seen. They’re lucky they’ve got us to foot the bill. The construction company for the project, Four Men Construction, was in the news in Peekskill for that unfinished building that you can see from Route 9. Their lawyer was Bill Zutt. There was a lawsuit with the neighbors, and Peekskill had some problem about OSHA violations. 4Men works with Insite Engineering who says that that doesn’t affect their determination that they are a responsible bidder. Why is it that Parks and Recreation has its own engineer? Everybody knows everybody and hires each other. That’s the way it’s done in Putnam Valley. They disclosed their financial interests, so that must make it okay.

Bob-O announced an executive session improperly. Gee, what a surprise.

Mary Ellen Odell and Libby Pataki, (I have heard that there is some relationship between George Pataki and Four men Construction) did not come to the meeting to discuss where the sign should be. It’s there.

Sam O talked about the decision to use a realator (sic) for George’s Super Station. I don’t know that the auction process is inherently better. I would love to hear public feedback on this concept. There was a lohud article about the county trying to sell this parcel and one on Cimarron. MEO was quoted as saying that there are no current environmental issues. I imagine that she means the violations are cleared, but at the convergence of Oscawana Brook and Peekskill Hollow Creek, a source of Peekskill’s water, there are environmental issues. I wonder if there was asbestos in the building, and if there is oil contamination. There should be some restoration of the buffer, but they all seem hellbent. I have been surprised by the diversity of people who think that the building should not remain, and it should not be a new business. No one is listening. I saw an article about the DEC fining a municipality for their destruction of a riparian buffer, and I wondered whether the town, the county, or Maple Leaf would be liable for what has been done down there.

Sales tax revenues are up because of high gas prices. Sam O says that public health and safety programs are sacrosanct and will be protected. They will stay within the 2% tax cap.

The open burn ban was announced twice, but I still have no idea what they are talking about. No outdoor burning, but does that include barbecues? It was suggested that cigarettes not be thrown out the window. Apparently Bob-O’s new car doesn’t have an ashtray. 10 years ago, John Zarcone and Bob-O were driving to Town Hall, and someone tossed a cigarette out the window and started a fire. He and John got out and put out the fire, but Bob-O’s new boots melted.

There is a new program advising you to put your personal information in your glove compartment, and put a yellow dot in your window so that emergency workers know, called the yellow dot program. I think there must be a safer way.

For respiratory arrests, cardiac arrest, and CPR in progress calls, the Fire department will respond as well as the ambulance corps. I have no idea why.

The sewer pumps at Oregon Corners were hit by lightning. They were inadequate and will be replaced for $19K. The temporary pump was hit by lightning too.
Sandy McKechnie retired. Good for you Sandy! I wish you well.

The businesses in Big Blue have to get CO’s.

They are going out to bid for Bob-O’s very big office expansion. We need to house all those files….and we need 3100 square feet to do it, and Bob-O has Vinnie Leibell’s gift of $250K burning a hole in his pocket. WW is all for it, they are proposing to put the solar panels on the roof. Since she was the reason we didn’t get the solar panels years ago, she would do almost anything to undo her legacy. And since the money comes from the state, we can all pretend that it is not costing anything. Wasn’t it Patty who said that it didn’t matter which pocket you were taking it from, it’s still taxpayer dollars?

Parks and Rec personnel is public record, so the new appointments weren’t read at the meeting. This month, the meeting documents weren’t posted on the website as is required by law, so those appointments weren’t available to the public. It’s just state law, so who cares.

The2005 highway equipment bond was renewed.

The lifeguards need to take lunch breaks, so no one can swim while they are gone. So how about 4 hour shifts?

Spur Beach – weren’t they supposed to be fixing that 4 years ago?

Then Bob-O adjourned the meeting before his executive session. But you have to have an open meeting for an executive session.

And again, YIKES!

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.


Note: Louie Luongo sits diligently at every meeting, taking notes. So far, he has expressed no opinion about anything. Since he is registered as a blank, and first was running as a Democrat, then decided that he is also a Republican, it’s hard to know what he thinks about anything. Just the kind of candidate you want to vote for. Of course, you have to vote for him. You have no choice. I am pro-choice.



  1. Dawn must have the world’s largest supply of Dramamine to be able to watch those meetings and report back to us. Hard to believe that in a town that has the highest taxes in the world, nobody seems to care how the money is being spent. It really is obscene. I will posting another Pants on Fire story about the BIC (Bully in Chief) that may be of interest. Caught our beloved supervisor in yet another lie, this one pretty gratuitous. Why would he fib about something that really is pretty insignificant? Could it be pathological? I will report later and you can decide.

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