Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 1, 2012

Are we having fun yet?

Pants on Fire Again

Robert Tendy decided that he wanted to have a party on Lake Peekskill’s North Beach about 5 years ago – a political move typical of him.  When he presented his idea to the civic association, they had no interest, and he took it to his long term political friend, Jeanne Gallinger, who is the prime mover of an organization that seems to have no charter, by-laws, insurance or financial statements, the Lake Peekskill Youth Committee.  This organization does not run any Lake Peekskill events, nor is it included in the Lake Peekskill budget.  It seems to have any use that it chooses of the Lake Peekskill Community Center, especially if those events further Mr. Tendy’s political agenda.

So Mr. Tendy has put up banners for his party and used any Town services that he wants to publicize it.  In spite of that, he has had attendance problems.   He and, according to Bob, Mrs Gallinger, buy and resell hot dogs, hamburgers, and soda for his party.  Allegedly, some of this money comes from Entergy, which is supplied with publicity in return.

Last year, there was a group, Lake Peekskill Kids, non-residents who grew up here,  that somehow decided to have a reunion on the Lake Peekskill beach.  Rentals of the community center do not include the beach, and Mr. Tendy already had dibs on the center for his party.  So Mr. Tendy decided to allow anyone to attend his party, and no beach tags would be required.

It might be a nice thing to have a homecoming and a community event welcoming people who have fond memories of this place.  Sadly, that is not what happened.  Bob – O who continues to neglect the community center, and contributes nothing to its upkeep, uses his party to bully the community, and force them to open their beach to non-residents, all to seem like a nice guy?  When residents objected to his bullying, he told them they were sour-faced malcontents, and yelled a lot, something he seems to love.  Then he lied, outright.  When he was reminded that the code says that beach tags are needed, and that state law requires that district resources are to be used for the benefit of the district, he said that his party would only be for residents and their guests.

Through the magic of facebook, the Lake Peekskill Kids group has invited everyone to North Beach for a $5 fee, and a buck for Bob-O’s hot dogs and hamburgers.  So outsiders are charging others a fee to use our beach.

Everything is being done with no accountability, outright lies, and no vague attempt to function within the law, and the town attorney and the Town Board all know about it.  Will your representative be at Bob-O’s illegal party on the beach?

Jackie is going to address all this illegality at next month’s work session.




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