Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 5, 2012

Town Board June 20, 2012

Putnam Valley Regular Town Board, June 20, 2012

On July 18, the library will have two programs on Amazing Reptiles for those over 5 years old at 6 and 7PM.  The presentation is by Animal Encounters and requires pre-registration.  Each will be limited to 35.

The Town Board is not accepting the bid to build a bigger pole barn at the park.  They will split up the project and send both parts out for bids. 

They authorized up to 11K for an appraisal of 3 Arrows by Greystone.  Here we go again.

Sam O says that the county has 5 million, 775K out in bonds for the courthouse, the office building, and roads.

Not mentioned at the meeting –  apparently the county did not put George’s Superstation up for bid.  They are considering listing it with MLS when they agree on a price.  The Honorable Ms. Odell believes that it is valuable real estate.  A reminder –  a new owner would have to renovate the existing building.  They cannot put up a new building.

How can Bob-O seriously tell someone else (this time Sam O) not to talk for too long?

Wendy wanted to know where Putnam Sports is, even though she voted not so long ago to expand the special use permit.  It is the soccer field up on Peekskill Hollow Road. The erosion and sedimentation bond is being released.  BZ explained to Wendy that erosion and sedimentation is not handled by Bruce Barber, the wetlands inspector, and that it is not the same as wetlands.  I was talking to someone who had the same questions.  Erosion and sedimentation control relates to stormwater drainage, flooding, drainage basins, and is in the purview of the Town Engineer, highway department, and code enforcement officer.  Wetlands are lands that are wet as least part of the year.  There is an intersection between the two.  Putnam Valley needs updated laws for both.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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