Posted by: Dawn Powell | June 20, 2012

Putnam Valley Irregular Town Board Meeting – 6/13/12

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign, sign!

June Irregular Town Board Meeting, June 13, 2012


The Putnam Valley Town Board set a public hearing for commercial signs.  One square foot for every linear foot of frontage, up to 80  square feet, and if they have frontage on two roads, 120 square feet.  Plus a two sided free standing sign of 12 square feet.  To my mind it doesn’t solve the problem.  When the mini-strip mall was built, it was supposed to be a medical office building, and when it was built as storefronts, there was no way to allow for business signage.  But putting bigger signs on a building with no frontage does not make them more visible.

And the freestanding signs have the multiple business listings too small to be of any particular assistance.  So does anyone have a suggestion that solves the problem?  How do we promote our businesses effectively without bigger, competing signs and those awful campaign type signs? How about those painted on mural signs on the end since Big Blue is stucco?

In the meantime, buy bagels!

The new Putnam Valley power couple was there – Louie Luongo, of the ambulance corps and fire department,  who is, so far, the only candidate for the open town board seat, and his wife, the assessor on her ipad (the only way to get through those meetings).  Doesn’t Bob-O look pleased as punch!

A great presentation on the stormwater mapping – Bruce Barber, our wetlands inspector, mapped the flow of water, drains, filters and potential illicit discharges, town and NYC.  The town and state are not included.  Is anyone making them map their stormwater?     If anyone doesn’t know our wetlands inspector or our town engineer, this meeting is a good place to become acquainted.  I look forward to looking at the reports, but I guess that’s just me.  Well, I can think of a couple of other people who will want to see this.  It is invaluable information for the town – the highway department, the planning board.  With all the flooding the town has had, this info will help.

And a lot about Greenway Terrace, which may become the county’s phosphorus removal hub.  Compliance with NYC watershed regulations may lead to stormwater modifications and rehabilitation of the road.  This one may actually not cost the taxpayers anything.  Apparently Bondi was sitting on all that watershed money that NYC taxpayers paid quite awhile back.

Businesses will be forced to put their dumpsters in enclosures.  The July real meeting is the public hearing for that.

We need an appraisal again, and an attorney for 3 Arrows.  Wouldn’t it be better to see if there’s something that can be worked out?  We’ve done this before and it’s expensive.

Highway is getting a new truck.

The Parks and Rec appointments must be emergencies because they had to be done at the irregular meeting.

And some individual made the decision to spend an extra $300 for the “God Bless America” on the Lake Peekskill monument without asking anyone, so the Town Board had to take that money from the district taxpayers to reimburse that individual.  Well, they didn’t have to.  Individuals shouldn’t be permitted to make unilateral decisions about how to spend district money.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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