Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 21, 2012

Indian Point Public Hearing


The Chairman of the NRC stepped down today.  It’s hard to know whether he was the problem or the commission.  So how about a whole new board of Decommissioners!

Shut It Down!!!!! 5-17-12

Thursday  night was the Nuclear Regulatory Commission public hearing on the safety of Indian Point.  I had to go through the Bronx to get to the 7PM meeting.  No one from the Bronx is getting out when there is an accident.  Oh right!  None of us are getting out, but especially not them.

The old evacuation plan was approved in Putnam County by one man, Bob Bondi, and he’s no longer around.  Now, there are new rules for emergency planning that are less stringent and no one knew about it. That’s right.  After Fukushima, the emergency planning is less stringent.    There was an article in the Omaha World Herald.  Japan has closed 54 nuclear power plants; Germany, Switzerland and Italy are closing theirs, but the US of A has relicensed plants that are the same design as the the Fukushima plant.  The NRC never says no.  Isn’t this domestic terrorism?

So the 6 members of the panel seem to have no souls, and no matter how many times they do this, they don’t seem to be any better at expressing themselves.  Carl is the moderator, and his 3 minutes allowed per person, then 2 minutes seemed to change with how he was feeling at the moment.  He actually said that the audience was making him keep talking.  He was talking and he couldn’t shut up.  Someone asked how much time she had left and who was timing it, and it was clear that no one was.

So the earnest young woman who is one of the 2 NRC inspectors, and has been through this before, explained that the fire insulation problem was one that she found.  But it was there a long time before she found it.  Someone asked whose responsibility it was to find it in a timely manner, and she was tongue-tied.  One of the men rescued her, but not before this long, embarrassing pause.  It is Entergy’s responsibility, and the NRC is there to ensure that they do their job…  So we can see how well that is working.

Someone was talking about a problem that needs to be fixed, and we were reassured that they are monitoring the problem, and that it only leaks when the plant is shut down or powered up.  Hmm….. Just so reassuring.

The pro forces like the money they get from Entergy.  That must be worth risking all these lives, and ignoring the lessons of Fukushima.  The Green politicians were well represented.  Our public officials were absent.  But the state of our politics is so pitifully low, it is disheartening.  Wednesday’s night’s town board meeting was pure, unrelenting politics at its absolute worst. Painful.

Indian Point could never be licensed now.  It was designed for the life span it has lived.  It is time to move on.

The Paramount Theatre and fireworks are not an excuse to endanger millions of lives, billions of dollars of property value, and all those jobs and industry. 

A pool of radiation under the plant, rusty pipes, legacy leaks into the Hudson, all unanswered.  And those pools of spent fuel rods.  For all the money wasted here, we could have done solar a million times over.

In Putnam County, we get no electricity from this rusty old plant, but we will suffer horribly when it blows.

The side that loves all that money scolded the audience to stop clapping, chanting, booing.  There were fewer of them than in years past.  Fukushima has taken its toll.

The shut it down side has facts, information, passion, and a stunning nuclear disaster on their side.  All those lives lost to human arrogance.  We should have learned something by now.  Replace the members of the NRC, decommission the plant, and let’s move forward into the future.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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