Posted by: Dawn Powell | May 13, 2012

Putnam Valley Town Board – May 9, 2012

May 9, 2012 Town Board Irregular

They scheduled an exec session for the end of the meeting (who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick?) to talk about the town contract with Bruce Donahue at the Kaspar property.  Some things you can always count on, death, taxes, and Tendy/Zutt litigation.  Has there been any public approval for litigation in the last 4 years?

Calmer meeting than last month’s regular.  The fireworks extravaganza is $8500.  They are hoping that Entergy will pay $5K.  Time was when that was unethical, but it’s only unethical when it’s politically expedient. Funny how that works.   

Close Indian Point!  Japan has closed all of their nuclear power plants and we don’t even know yet how much damage there will be from Fukushima until the end of time.  But signing the fireworks contract must have been a dire emergency since it couldn’t wait until the real meeting.

The Town Day t-shirt contest is popular.  Entries will end next week.  Decision in June.

They talked about Bob – O’s dumpster law, little fences around the dumpsters. We could always paint them.  He wants a property clean-up law for businesses too.

They talked about the sign law.  Nothing is enforced so what difference does it make?  Steve mentioned Big Blue, but that building was approved as a medical office building, not a mini strip mall.  So if you don’t adhere to the zoning in the first place, I guess you would be creating a hardship trying to conform to an existing sign law.  The sign law was supposed to change with the zoning, but instead we got Bob-O.

Link to the long ago proposed changes to the sign law – the table: – pubic documents for the wordsmith version.

The Nathan property – abuts the Larksburg cemetery, off Barger.  It has at least 60% wetlands plus gravesites that have migrated.  I didn’t know that dead people moved around.  Best ask Priscilla.  The owner wants to give it to the town, and the Director of Parks and Rec wants to build a baseball field.  Peter Tarrant has a bishop who wants it.  They are going to spend $2500 on a part 1 environmental assessment.  That was an emergency, too, that couldn’t wait for the regular meeting.  Boy, Gene, I miss you! Bill Zutt wants them to take a look at the old buildings that used to be there.

Could we have a part 1 environmental assessment on the service station at Oregon Corners?

The Greenway Terrace project to take phosphorus out of the NYC watershed and improve the road.  It’s that aggregate phosphorus removal that is so peculiar.  You can remove it in one spot, and ignore the phosphorus everywhere else.  Of course, Lake Oscawana is reducing their phosphorus loading. Lake Peekskill is not.

Workplace violence.  We are agin it.

Going out to bid on the already purchased steel building for Parks and Rec for the slab and construction.  Then accepted the lowest bid for the structural engineering – M.A Day for the pad and construction, that is, now they will have the plans drawn up and the engineering done for the construction for which they have already gone out to bid.

Sex offenders discussion – Jackie and Bob-O want to supercede state law.


They will approve the wireless tower on Piano Mountain at the next meeting.  And they will appoint Sue Manno as Office Manager.


Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.

Happy Mother’s Day.

Vote Tuesday.  School Budget – yea or nay.  School board – 2 seats. Guy Cohen, David Spittal, incumbents, and Ralph Smith, renegade challenger.


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