Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 23, 2012

Putnam Valley Town Board April 18, 2012

April Town Board – Regular Meeting

April 18, 2012

Bob-O was playing hooky, so it was Jackie’s first time chairing.  Must be tough.

Larry gives a thorough highway report, lets you know what they are doing, and what they will be doing next.

You have to have a building permit for a kiddie pool.  You have to have a permit for a kiddie pool?

Jackie and Sam O had high praises for the denuding of the riparian buffer on Oscawana Brook and Peekskill Hollow Creek.  We live in parallel universes.  I hear from the people who hate what they have done, who want some respect for the natural world, who don’t want their tax dollars spent on town of Cortlandt right of way, the people who have long given up on local government representatives.  What is the assault on the buffer about?

The Girl Scouts are 100.  You go girls!

I love the documents posted for the meetings.  I wish they would leave them up a little longer, or archive the minutes, perhaps they could leave the documents up until the minutes are posted.  By the time the public watches the meetings, the documents are gone.  I would also like to see the documents posted from word, not rescanned.  Too much time wasted.  And too much paper.  There is no reason why board members need paper copies…  I guess they need all that paper to put in The Vinnie Leibell addition.  The ZBA documents are posted now by application, and if those documents were archived by applicant for as long as the application is pending, it would be possible for everyone to know what is involved in the application.

Still, it is nice to see the documents even briefly.

Vinnie Tamagna didn’t show.  Will he be running for something soon?

Fine Lines, a Peers Influence Peers video will premiere on April 27 at 7:30 at the high school.  Thanks Courtney.

There is a medication take-back at Putnam Hospital on April 28 from 9-2.  Please keep medications out of our groundwater.

Balance of power between the legislature and the county executive?  I’m ready to go back to a Board of Supervisors.  Cheaper, more responsive.  Better than having 8 legislators and a CE who have no idea what is going on in PV.

Putnam Valley is a small town.  Unfortunate accidents, and other incidents are talked about and will continue to be, whether or not they are discussed in public.  Maybe it was not a topic that is out of bounds under the circumstances.  You are not a group known for responsiveness.  Perhaps, there should be some concern about the balance of power there, and overloading one employee with too much.  Easy enough to remedy.  A plumbing inspector, a different fire inspector, someone else for MS4 and the safety committee. Perhaps you should have discussed the historical incident in exec session and the safety committee reconsidered.

Perhaps it would help to have town hall meetings, and have exchanges.  Why does the board feel the need to promote their points of view?  Maybe some listening is in order.  How is it that no one but Jackie admits to having the read the late blog, but they piled on Patty for posting on it.  Ridiculous.

But if the public is allowed to express their opinions, (right now, not so much) they should be allowed to do that without heckling.  Jackie –  Bob-O does not need to be there to defend himself.  He has outtalked everyone in the town.  Anyone who wants to hear what he has to say has heard it many times over; even those who don’t want to hear it has.

And the final salvo was embarrassing, and insulting.  Shockingly so as I get to think about it longer.

In between, an intrepid soul from Lake Peekskill brought up Citizens United, and the lack of an Oregon Corners Master Plan.  I thought Bob-O was inclined to think that corporations are people and money is speech and you can’t be friends with a road and old houses are not historic and old garages should be preserved, but I digress. Certainly he doesn’t think the public is entitled to a real Master Plan for Oregon Corners, or to Comprehensive Plan implementation.  And his is the only opinion that matters. And as far as Master Planning, 2 banks in Oregon Corners wasn’t much of an idea. Why would anyone be wistful about that?

It’s was Earth Day.  Do something wonderful for the planet. Even if you missed it, you still have time to save the planet.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




  1. Thanks again, Dawn, for your stalwart reporting on all things Putnam Valley. Sadly the LoHud forums are no more and believe it or not, Gannett is going to be charging money for access to their propaganda. The NY Times it’s not. As far as the meeting, I went only because the BIC was not there. Little did I know that his mentoring of the TB members was so effective as Jackie missed no opportunity to tell me to shut up and sit down (not in so many words of course, but it amounted to the same thing. And I was shocked that Steve MacKay got so defensive when I spoke about the deadly tree limbs that I’d publicly noticed on Lohud. Instead of thanking me for saving the Town millions in legal fees, he viciously attacked me, a la the BIC himself! So much for courtesy and transparency.

    What Steve forgets in his hurry to point his finger at me, is that not only is it not my responsibility to inform the town of hazardous conditions, but the town itself has the affirmative legal obligation to maintain its roads in a safe condition or get sued. Then again, with this crew it’s never about doing the right thing, instead, just find some taxpayer to demonize and harass.

    As far as building inspector Landi and his tirade– I had questioned putting someone on the Safety Committee who had exhibited his (Landi’s) remarkably bad judgment (I was referring to the snow tubing accident that had occurred some 10 years ago, without mentioning any of the details) Barely had the words escaped my mouth when SamO was jumping up and down screaming, “that’s out of bounds, you have no right to say that!” I responded that Landi was a public figure, but Sam never does let the facts get in the way of whatever BS he happens to be spouting.

    Landi also mentioned that coming from the private sector where he was making so much money, it was somewhat of a pay cut to take on the job of PV code enforcer. So much so that he almost considers himself to be a volunteer. Note to Landi: between various salaries, health insurance and other bennies, you’re making over $60K a year, not exactly “volunteering” in my book.

    I don’t know how many people saw the meeting on TV or their computers. I got a few nice calls and emails. Most people stay far away from town affairs these days. It’s just too painful to watch or be a part of. Sadly, that’s what the ruling class counts on.

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