Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 17, 2012

One Planning Board application – Gizzi, Oscawana Heights Road

Planning Board 3/12

Oscawana Heights Road – Gizzi

It looked like this application was going nowhere when it came to the PB this time around.  There had been applications before for this parcel.  Wetlands, a stone chamber, a curve in the road allowing little visibility for a driveway.  The last Highway superintendent said that the only way to provide adequate visibility was to take down the stone chamber.

There are stone cellars at various locations in Putnam Valley – One of the antiques among us.  The Planning Board was committed to protecting the stone chamber on this parcel.

Things were moved about.  The application includes a conservation easement on the part of the stone chamber on the parcel, about 40% of the stone chamber is on the applicant’s parcel.  The driveway was relocated, and approved by the new Highway Superintendent.  60% of the stone chamber belongs to the town.  The town provides no protection for them.

The neighbors hired John Zarcone, Jr. Esq. to represent their interests.  His issue was public safety with the limited sight distance for the driveway.  The neighbor across the street complained about water that comes off the property during rain events, and causing erosion on the opposite side of the street.

The Planning Board felt that both issues had been adequately dealt with and went ahead with their approval.


Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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