Posted by: Dawn Powell | April 2, 2012

Putnam Valley Town Board – March 2012

Putnam Valley Town Board Regular – March 2012

Bob-O tried to put an amendment on the agenda to appoint Bob Cinque.   It didn’t pass.  So he will put it on the agenda for next month, instead of waiting for the voters to decide.  The Democrats have chosen Louis Luongo who is not a Democrat, for the actual election.  Should we assume that the Republicans will choose Bob Cinque?  If they are the candidates, I would think that Louis would easily beat Bob C.  Bob-O’s petition to appoint Bob Cinque only has 58 signatures, some of them not even residents (or voters) in the town.  It’s not as if there is a groundswell of support.  We are so looking forward to Bob-O beating this dead horse again.

Bob –O held his exec session at the beginning of the meeting, making the public wait.  Par for the course.  Priscilla called him on it, and Bob said that he usually doesn’t do that, but he usually does.  No litigation this time, just contractual and personnel.  The prior litigation on the septic pumpout law is apparently the town suing the public, not the other way around.  Sam O says that the county may pass a septic pumpout law.  But here’s an idea.  The county water study done years ago said that septic systems needed 3 acres to function well, sometimes more.  How about, at long last, we do that?

88 building permits in March – a record.

An Eagle Scout project – Shouldn’t Bob be recused? It would pass anyway.

Homeland Towers public hearing set for April 11.  Our code sets up co-location, and there is already a tower located there.  But it is in disrepair, because of non-enforcement.  So the town is allowing a separate tower “nearby.”  Some folks are upset.

Bob-O says that you only need 26 signatures to run for School Board.  Wow!  That’s not much.

Then, the Pole Barn,  hmmmm……  the Parks and Rec storage building that burned down at the entrance to the park. It is going to be bigger next time – a 60’X80’steel  structure, now 30-50 feet further into the bank.  They are going to the planning and zoning boards, and they have hired an engineer, but didn’t they already buy the materials?

But, don’t worry about the money.  Parks and Rec has a substantial capital fund, so if insurance doesn’t cover it, they can tap into that.  And they just got a grant for $120K for something.  They have a list of plans on the agenda.  I wonder if the public might see that, and even have some input into it.

Doesn’t the title “mayor” that Bob-O throws around so freely imply some sort of election?  Don’t we get to vote?

They are taking up a collection for the LP monument so that when they get the grant money for it, they can spend it on something else….  Is that before or after Senator Ball kills the pig on district property? They decided that they will not collect money for it, but they did that later at a meeting that wasn’t taped, so nobody will know that.

334 Lake Drive is very dark, so the town is having NYSEG install a street light.  It will only cost us $10 a month.

Bob-O noticed that he was saying everything, and not giving anyone else the opportunity to speak. 

They are using Lake Oscawana grant money to trim trees damaged in the storm.  Weren’t we promised an arborist sometime?

Then, there was Roaring Brook Lake.  The beaches do or do not have Department of Health approval.  Bob-O decides on the plans and lake lowering when invited to gun clubs, in meetings in his car, at Boy Scout camp.  The plans don’t seem to be working, but Bob-O likes his closed door meetings and says, “You have to get along with people and compromise.” Precious coming from him.   A gold star for Peter for persisting through the bullying.  It’s hard.

Five year plans.  Eight year plans.  Bob’s not a planner, or an environmentalist.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.


  Note: on the Oscawana Brook, what part of riparian buffer says bare dirt in Spring?  Did anyone talk to Bruce Barber?


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