Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 25, 2012

Oregon Corners

There were meetings.  Bob-O, Sam O, Mary Ellen O.  And then PVBA and public.

I’ve been down that road before and again.

Well, not just the road.  Oregon Corners.  Not quite what we were thinking.  Not quite what we were told.  Bob-O had plans.  He said he had a business that wanted to come into Super George’s.  Now we may never know what business that was.  Sam O, quite a while ago, said that we would get a Dunkin’ Donuts there.  He told us we would get a new bridge.

It seems that if the building is torn down, it cannot be rebuilt.  That’s not all that surprising.  But is anyone really suggesting that what is there should be rehabilitated?  A fixer-upper?  Yikes!

 I was always in the category of wanting the building removed and the riparian buffer restored, to protect the DEC stream, and the City of Peekskill watershed; to live with our natural resources and to add a foundation element of beauty to our beleaguered business hamlet. 

The county owns the building, from back taxes, from taking over the cost of Bob-O’s big wall, from the DEC removal of tanks on the property.  They want to sell the property and get some of their (our) money back.  That would mean that the existing building would have to stay and be renovated.  I’ve never talked to anyone who wants that.  So who could pay for demolition and vegetative repair, and some mitigation for that pipe that brings the Oscawana Brook into the Peekskill Hollow Creek?

Sam O wants a beer pub in the bays…

In order to clean up that corner, the county would need to clean up the parking at Lizzie’s.  Would they ever do that?

And the bridge belongs to the state.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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