Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 18, 2012

Town Hall Addition

Summary – The story was told that Bob-O was upset that his office was too small after he made it that way, and they have no space in Town Hall.  So someone suggested that he call Vinnie Leibell, and Vinnie said, Okay Bob, I’ll give you $250K from the dormitory authority so that you can have a bigger office.  That might not be a direct quote.  Bob-O is planning to bond at least another $100K for the project.

The PB approved the sketch and went to public hearing at the next meeting and at that meeting, the PB approved Bobo’s big office. 

My comment on the ill-conceived project:

Dawn V. Powell, D.C.

March 12, 2012


 Putnam Valley Planning Board

c/o Planning Board Clerk

  Michele Babnik

             Re:  Town Hall Addition, 265 Oscawana Lake Road
                                   (TM# 72.16-1-23/File: 2012-0092)

 Dear Planning Board Members:

 Regarding the approximately 3000 square foot addition to the exisiting Town Hall building, I would like to know if this addition is part of a long range plan of expansion for Town Hall.  What will the existing office space be used for?  Will the deficiencies in the existing structure be addressed?  Mr. Tendy has repeatedly mentioned that the Town Clerk office is sinking.  Will that structural problem be addressed? What is the square footage of the existing building, and what is the percent increase in size?   If the Fire Department returns to their plan for a new building, has the use of the space been planned in conjunction with this addition?

 The current town administration has not planned to increase the number of employees, and they have indeed, decreased employees. Why would an expansion be warranted at this time, and how would the expense of public funds be justified? Files would be better addressed by digitization.  Housing paper files that are not required by law to be held, is an extremely inefficient way to expend public money. 

 Isn’t planning the entire complex, a master plan, and prioritizing expenditures a necessary part of a public project?  How is environmental review, and segmentation addressed with this project?  Wouldn’t the public be given an opportunity to comment on their needs and priorities?

 Wouldn’t a restroom be appropriate for a 3000 square foot addition?

 Isn’t a second floor storage room impractical?

 Security for the court in the existing building needs to be improved.  How will that be addressed with this construction?

 While this addition may not increase stormwater run-off, run-off for the rest of the Town Hall complex needs improvement.  Will the overall stormwater run-off be addressed with this project?

 What will be the increased costs of operating the new addition?  What percentage is that of the existing costs?

 The fire department uses the area in question for training exercises.  How will that need be addressed?

 Mr. Tendy mentioned that he will bond the costs of this project and renovations to the existing building.  What are the projected costs of this addition?  What are the projected costs of renovations to the existing building?

 Thank you for your kind consideration,

 Dawn Powell


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