Posted by: Dawn Powell | March 18, 2012

Putnam Valley – Pole Barn fire aftermath

Irregular Meeting

 Putnam Valley Town Board, March 14, 2012

 It’s only a twelve minute meeting, but maximally painful.  Someone from town was asking me how the pole barn replacement is an emergency.  I have no answer for that.  They aren’t going out to bid for the building materials because it’s an emergency.  They have authorized the purchase of the materials before the engineer has done the site plan, even before they hired him.  They are of course, using Insite Engineering.  Parks and Rec has for years sidestepped the Town’s engineer, who replace Insite everywhere else in Town (except for the fire department).  So why in the world would they authorize the purchase of materials before they have gone through any of the process….?

 Building materials $61,657.31 from Mesco Building Solutions

Project Engineer – Insite $18,000

Replacement Equipment for the ballfields  $86,252.67

         The breakdown – 2 Toro Workman with Groomers and necessary attachments $25,425.96

                                            1 Kubota RTV900 with attachments $12,602

                                             1 Kubota 92” front mower  $20,189.60 

                                              1 Kubota KU3800 HST Tractor with attachments $28,035.01

They hired another groundskeeper/recreation assistant – K.Carroll

There are two openings on the Zoning Board.  Bob-O won’t talk about them because he only wants people he chooses.

Bob-O announced his executive session improperly about litigation and personnel.  Eileen asked him what the topics were for litigation.  You would think Bob-O would know how to do it by now.  We are still litigating Cimarron, and despite our tax money involved, Bob-O has no intention of telling us what’s going on, or even of publicly authorizing actions.  And then there is litigation on the septic pumpout law.

Tom Carano is going to save the town money on his planning board training on the hotel bill at the Planning Federation.  He will attend with Mike Raimondi.  Bob-O would have us believe that it is required by law.  It isn’t.  The PB members have to do CE, but they are not required to do this one.  It is a good idea, but there isn’t any reason to lie about  it.

And in that spirit, Eileen is going to the Town Clerk’s conference, and Bob-O said it was required.  Eileen said it’s not.  Another good idea, and no reason to lie.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.





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