Posted by: Dawn Powell | February 21, 2012

Putnam Valley February Town Board 2012

A sad note – Joe Marro died this past week.  His wake was on Wednesday at the Heritage Funeral Home in Lake Peekskill, and the funeral mass was at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Cortlandt.  Joe was in the fire department and very involved in the Putnam Valley community for a long time.  He was a genuinely kind and decent man.  He will be missed.

February “work session” – 2-8-12

There was a lot of noise in the recording.

Tax cert settlement for 4 Sunset Hill Road, from $624K to $430K, a change of $194K, and $586K to $430K, a change of $156K, two years of assessments reduced.  Ira Levy, Esq. is the town’s tax cert attorney.

Putnam Café reduction of bond, short of $34K to 8K.  Putnam County Department of Health approval, and PV CO. That’s the structure next to the library that has been incessantly ongoing.

Bruce Barber explained the storm drain GPS mapping.  I didn’t hear an amount of money mentioned.  I don’t understand why this didn’t happen sooner, but better late than never. It is important that this be done.

Lake Oscawana DEC grant, they used the wrong form and have to redo it. $750K.

Town Board – Regular, February 15, 2012

 The documents for the meeting were posted briefly, too briefly for me to have saved.  There was a change in state law this month.  Agenda documents must be posted.  They were not posted for the “regular” meeting.  Apparently, even if they are posted in accordance with the law, they do not have to be archived, so they won’t be.  The work session documents were merely the resolutions.  I had expected the background documents, but alas….  At least it is something if it ever happens. On the homepage of the town website, there is a button that says agenda documents.  Check there.

And now that they are supposed to post the documents,how about if the Town Board members use laptops, and stop printing out multiple copies of the docs?  Save paper, increase efficiency.

The bucket truck is repaired, and so, tree trimming will resume. 

Sheryl Luongo, our town assessor, reminded everyone that applications for renewals of exemptions – enhanced STAR, senior – must be submitted by March 1.

The TB authorized a grant application for flood mitigation.

Sam O says the Oregon Corners station will be vacated by March 18, and boarded up.  It may come to the town, or be sold in May.  What happened to his Dunkin donuts thing?  At another time, Bob-O said he has a plan, but of course, we are not privy to that.

On March 15, Mary Ellen Odell will do her state of the county address at the Emergency Operations Center in Carmel at 7PM.  That might be a fun outing.

Bob-O went on (and on and on and on) about teachers, jump on that bandwagon, and he has advice for the school board on contract negotiations, since he has been so good at it.  Do the Teamsters have a contract yet? He says teachers don’t need longevity pay.  Sam O said that the last contract was 4 years ago, and those were the good times.    So why is it that we are paying 2 Superintendent contracts, including a large increase in the current one.

They appointed Stormwater people, and authorized the Code enforcement Officer (as the Stormwater Officer) to engage the services of the Town Engineer.  I’m all for more engineering, but how much is budgeted for that?

The appointed Folchetti (Town Engineer) for the phosphorus reduction project at Greenway Terrace.  It is a NYC watershed project, and they are hoping for full repayment.

They passed a resolution about procedures for bonds, and IRS forms, an agenda amendment.

Putnam Café, better known as Sisyphus, is supposed to open.  They reduced the bond to the applicant, but had to amend it to the bond poster, National Lawn Sprinkler, Inc. Bob-O says they have DOH approval, and their CO.

They are applying for a grant for the Wiccopee Road culvert.

Parks and Rec is hiring Kevin Roskowsky for the children’s center at $9/hour, Patty Singer as day camp director at $8620, and Teresa Orlando at $30/hour as a recreation assistant.

Snow plow riders Robert Erickson III and Christopher Ogden were appointed at $11.44/ hour.  All hirings are part of some mysterious process.

The highway department is buying a new truck.

Town Hall is tossing a fax machine and a copier.

Roaring Brook Lake is taking some money from the carp stocking line and putting it into the restoration of Childrens’ Beach.  The carp was stocked in 2011, so why is there a line for it in the 2012 budget?  The mysteries of town government…

Nothing is happening in Lake Peekskill, and no one knows if they are still lowering the lake. Note: I had inquired about this when the lake surface was freezing.  After the meeting, Jackie got back to me, and let me know that the lake is no longer being lowered.

Then Bob-O launched into his appoint Bob Cinque spiel.  So what happened to the petition that had 51 signatures on it?  Bob-O says that according to NYS Election law, both guys did not lose, despite what some people are saying.  He didn’t say where that is in the law. Did they both win?  He never said the words ”failure to elect.”  And he increased the number of votes that Bob C. got.  Sounds better if it’s bigger, and it’s dangerous, and he knows that the Dems have a lot of political pressure.  From whom?  He didn’t say.  Bob Cinque is an Independent.  So Bobs, when Bob C. was working for the Ind Chair, Jackie’s brother, how many times was Bob-O endorsed by them?  Independent?  I would say Bob-O was endorsed every time.  “It’s only fair.” To him anyway. And, of course, he will not consider any appointment other than Mr. Cinque, but he does not see that as obstructive.  But nobody cares anymore.  8 months to a new Town Board member.

 Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.










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