Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 21, 2012

Putnam Valley Town Board – 1/18/12

Town Board – January 18, 2012



Bob Cinque – the independent.  All the Republicans who spoke at Bob-O’s show meeting were telling us that he is an independent.  They seem to think we are all stupid.

Mr. Cinque is registered as a member of the Independence Party.  I don’t know how long he has been registered with that party.  When he was working at the Sayegh law firm, where Ms. Annabi works (she is Bill Sayegh’s sister), Mr. Sayegh was the Chair of the Independence Party.  Mr. Cinque was very involved with the Gallingers, when they were running the town Independence party, until they weren’t .  Mr. Cinque worked at the Sayegh law firm, when he represented the Cabots against the Town of Putnam Valley in the matter of Cimarron Ranch.  He worked at the Sayegh law firm when he represented the Cornus, after they were jailed for alleged  zoning violations.  He worked at the Sayegh law firm when he interviewed with the Democratic committee for the Town council.  He was still working for the Cabots at that time.  The Democrats did not endorse him.  So he interviewed with the Republicans.  They endorsed him and they got the Independence endorsement. I wish I could find a copy of the letter to the editor in PCNR that he wrote slamming the Hudson Highlands Land Trust for trying to trust the land that the Cabots and Kaspar owned/managed.  Now there’s a good FOIL – Kaspar litigation and stewardship.  How much has that cost us?

Now he works in John Zarcone’s office, partnering with the former Putnam Valley tax cert attorney, Goldsand.  That is where Ms. Annabi’s husband works. (Mr. Annabi has made the point that Mr. Zarcone’s office is a satellite office for him.  It might be also for Mr. Cinque.)

So much for independent.   

So Bob trotted out all his Republicans.   And the Dems were there too.

Common sense is supposed to tell us to put Cinque in there.  So if I voted for Steve and Wendy, they should vote for someone who I would never vote for (and they would never vote for) because that is what the Republicans want.  I’m not sure why it is so tough for them to understand that neither of these guys was elected.  It was a failure to elect.  One more person did not show up.  They lost.  Bob’s tribe has always been sore losers. 

Jackie says they are not listening to the voters if they don’t appoint the one the voters didn’t elect. Huh?

Bob went to the podium to be…well….”a regular guy”.  He told us that the  very first time he voted, his vote didn’t count because he didn’t know how to use the levers….This time  he voted for Gene and Bob.  He wants one of them.  (I didn’t.  I don’t.) He was his usual pompous, angry self. He tells us that Steve is naïve.  The Democrats are political.  He’s not.  He just wants his guy. He thinks the Democrats should compromise and do it his way.  He even went so far as to say that it was disgraceful that the two proposed TB members were offering to serve without pay because they were buying votes with the $13K that they wouldn’t be taking??? He was really angry about that buying votes thing.  His vote is not for sale.  They are supposed to do what he knows is right.  At one point he said that 2400 people pulled the lever for Bob and Gene.  I think he knows that is not the case.

Sam O got up and spoke for an independent voice on the board, which he believes to be Priscilla, although he would be happy with Sal.  He and Bob yelled.  I told you that Bob’s in a foul mood.  He’s used to getting his way.

The building inspector, John Landi, got up to support Bob-O’s point of view.  Now that’s an independent voice.   

Dario Gristina got up.  He is running against Sandy Galef, is or was on the Republican committee, another independent voice.  “I sense there is a lot of animosity.” “I’m not as openly irritated.” “Taking the party issue aside….” Yeah right.  “I just go by the common sense approach.” “We got a tie.  We gotta pick one of them.”  There’s one guy left standing, so that’s the guy.” “I too casted my ballot.”

Dario says he doesn’t know all those rules.  Yet, he wants us to vote for him for State Assembly.  I think Sandy knows all the rules.

He’s just an everyday voter.  “Can we all get along please?”

Then, Sal got up….. Sal Santamorena.  He’s a registered Conservative, used to be the Chair of the Conservative Party, spent 8 years on the Town Board.  “I don’t really want to serve, but I want to serve.”


Bob is mad at Sal.  He blames him for losing the conservative endorsement.  Bob had it last time, along with Jackie and Wendy.  Bob doesn’t mention that Wendy had it.  I don’t find his spending, hiring, land use, or social values to be conservative, but he was anxious to see Patty defeated, so as long as it worked for him politically….. and after all 6 people showed up at the well publicized conservative caucus to endorse Bob and friends.


Unlike the other parties, the Conservative nomination goes to the person chosen by voters registered in that party, who show up to the caucus.  If the caucuses are well publicized, it is direct democracy.


Then John Landi went to the podium to tell us that he is just one of the voters.  “Correct me if I am wrong.”  “That is what the townspeople want.” “Your jobs could be in danger.”  Maybe it’s his job that is in danger.  The only ones who won’t vote for Wendy or Steve over this, didn’t vote for them anyway.


Bob-O wants to respect the almost 1200 people. 


The reality is that there is no tie.  There is a failure to elect that has resulted in a vacancy.


Sal got up again to address the insults from Bob-O about the buying votes thing.  Bob said, “I’m not criticizing you.” Well, yeah he was.  He wasn’t just criticizing. He was insulting and accusing.  That is the most ridiculous argument he has ever come up with.  Oh, perhaps that’s hyberbole.  Perhaps he has come up with other equally ridiculous arguments.


About the money, I don’t think one board member can serve without compensation.  As with Bob’s plan to pay Patty a lower salary, I think that the salary is for all of them.  Back when they were talking about health insurance for Bob Cinque, Gene brought up the issue of one board member getting a benefit that the others were not receiving.  I never heard a follow-up on it.


Another thing that made Bob-O mad was that Priscilla hadn’t sent him a letter of intent.  If you have noticed during the Tendy regime, he believes that everything in the world should go through his office.  It is disrespectful to go to a Town Board member.  After all, he is the supervisor of Putnam Valley.   I have blogged about the new supervisor in Southeast, Tony Hay, recently of the County Legislature, calling for resumes for the position vacated by newly elected Town Councilman Gross on his appointment to Mr. Hay’s legislative seat.  Bob never calls for resumes, not for jobs or Boards or volunteer positions.  He prefers the backroom process, all the while decrying the politics of other people.  He even brought up his own appointment to the Town Board. His appointment was decided before Peter Kennedy resigned, but there was a resume and interview process anyway.  At least they pretended.  Bob doesn’t even do that.


Shouldn’t there have been a discussion at the reorganization meeting?  Shouldn’t the Town Board members have set up a procedure for moving forward?  Resumes, interviews, discussions?  This all seems unruly.  Not that it matters.  I think there were more important issues to be discussed, and they weren’t either.


Dan Ricci got up, another Republican who isn’t being political, but endorsing Cinque nonetheless. “If there had only been one more vote…”   But there wasn’t.


Monica from Roaring Brook, a longtime supporter of Bob’s said that Gene’s endorsement of Cinque was one more vote….  I haven’t looked at the voter list, but I bet Gene voted.  We only get one, even here in Putnam Valley. She also says that Cinque is an independent…


Peter Eliopoulos says we’re all Americans and we can’t end up like Southeast?? and do the right thing.


Priscilla spoke well and forcefully.  Bob was insulting, and she responded to it.  She says she is an independent  thinker, (that seems to mean that she doesn’t represent anyone) but she is a hopelessly political choice.  She did make the point that, “If you’re not elected, you’re not elected.”  She is right.


I loved some of Bob’s lines.  He actually said that, “The issues of the town should not be decided by a political party.”   Bob says he can connect dots.


Kevin Byrne got up.  He works for Nan Hayworth, was one of Bob-O’s picks for the Planning Board.  The best line was that he has been a resident for 27 years…He is 27.  I think there should be more young people involved, but let’s retire the concept that being here longer makes you more important.  He thinks that the Democrats are “taking advantage of a loophole.”  There is no loophole here, just a vacancy.  “It only adds more politics to this mess.”  Unlike what he was doing.  Priscilla’s sin, according to him, was being registered in a major party.  It doesn’t have to make sense. That logic would make Sal preferable too, another hopelessly political choice.  Kevin, our 27 year resident actually said, “you can say this was a tie.  You can spin this any way you want.”  And then he said something about all the effort to appoint someone “except for the person that was elected.” He even repeated it.


“Forget about the politics.  Don’t ignore common sense.” 


Not an independent, not common sense, failure to elect, nothing but politics.


Mr. Cinque – “It’s not about me.  It’s about this town.”  “…healing the rifts.” “I talk to everybody.” Gee, Bob, I feel left out.


He says that nobody voted for an empty seat.  But people might have voted a bullet, voting for only one candidate.  The fact is that they don’t care about what the voters want, only themselves.   I am most disappointed in Jackie’s party line.


Wendy said that the board agrees on 80%.  She’s right.  That’s my problem with them.  She said that they could always appoint someone if there is a reason in the future.  But even there, why would someone vote for someone to vote against them? She did a good job though.


Bob-O and his Republicans did put on a good show.  Like the bad performances in a cult movie, you don’t really like to like it, but you do.  It is great entertainment.  Everything that is wrong with politics in Putnam Valley.  It has been quite awhile since Bob has been this much fun.


He said, “It’s arrogant, it’s self-aggrandizing, and it’s not democratic.”  And if anyone knows, Bob knows.


I resent the pretense that they are working in the public good, when they are taking care of themselves.

Jackie said, “We have to listen to everyone” (and appoint Bob Cinque).  Give me a break.


The meeting:

Bob has made himself school liaison, which is unfortunate.  It means he is talking more. He’s now a big supporter of changing the funding for schools to income taxes.  Hey, he sounds like Sam Davis – solar photovoltaics and school taxes! 

Sam O said that George will be out of his garage on March 18.  Both he and Bob-O said that they have received calls from angry customers who George could not accommodate.  He said that the state is going to take over Medicaid.  Now there’s a good idea. The county is hoping to start the destruction of Peekskill Hollow Road earlier than the scheduled 2014 with infrastructure money.

It’s January and they are taking past longevity overtime pay out of fund balance.

Both Lake Peekskill and Roaring Brook will be doing NYS CSLAP lake quality testing this year. 

What is a fish receiver?

The generator for the sewer district will cost $10,600.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.




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