Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 7, 2012

Disorganization 2012

Bob is in a bad mood.  He says he’s not political, but he seems to be all political.  Isn’t that why he appointed Jackie as Deputy Supe?  Isn’t that why he appointed her as liaison to Lake Peekskill?   Politics right now not going his way.

But even so, after the entertaining start, the rest of the meeting was the same old, same old.  In the beginning, Wendy moved to appoint someone to the vacancy.  Bob said it was not appropriate for a reorganization meeting.  Huh??????  Huh?????

The county legislature has dealt with this twice now.  Southeast has dealt with it.  Not appropriate for a reorganization meeting?  Bob Freeman, the director of the Committee on Open Government has said that a meeting is a meeting.  The Town Board can take action in a public meeting.

Not appropriate for a reorganization meeting?

So Bob made a motion to table.  Wendy told him he needed a second to table.  Bob said he did not.  But he did.  So Jackie seconded it. Wouldn’t you think he’d know how to do this by now? 

So one of the reasons that the vacancy should be left open.  It’s a waste of time and energy.  The Dems could have negotiated some of the appointments to change government, but the vacancy was the focal point….

People falling over themselves to fill the vacancy.  Louis was looking very interested in the November and December meetings.  Sam O was selling his psychic girlfriend.  No conflicts of interest with those two.  And head of the conservative party.  Yikes!  There are important things to do. I guess we have to get over believing in government.

The Town Board only needs a quorum of three to function.  This vacancy is not the same as the County Executive vacancy created by Leibell’s duplicity.  There was a charter to set the Personnel Director as the interim county exec, and he was a neutral person.

The town is divided.  There was no mandate.  Let it go, and work with each other.

Jackie is right up there with Val Santucci for searches on my blog, and both have  surpassed AAA Carting.  She is more political now, not to her advantage, but she at least communicates with people, and brings issues to the board.  I am hopeful that as liaison for Lake Peekskill, she will be more responsive than Bob or Gene.  Let me put it differently, I am hopeful that she will be responsive. 

More important than the same old – the Homeland Towers project on Piano Mountain is on for a public hearing on Monday night.  This is not a popular project with the public, and the meeting might prove interesting.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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