Posted by: Dawn Powell | January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

And they reached down deep into the bottom of their souls, and came up with Priscilla Keresey and Sal Santamorena?  Huh?  Have you really outdone Bob-O in shameless politics?  I did know that SamO was pushing for his psychic girlfriend at the December meeting.  She was too busy with her psychic business to run two years ago.  Is business bad and she needs a few extra bucks? Or you serve up the head of the Conservative party?  Yeah, I know that he’s changing his party affiliation, but that’s the best you can come up with.

Not to be outdone by the dim Dem choices, the R’s announced Dario Gristina, to run against Sandy Galef.  You know Dario – he wants to take down the side of the mountain on Posey Lane, for what ever will work – romaine lettuce, solar panels.  We have to find out if the corporate welfare handed out was to him.

I started out supporting the vacancy, but now that they have given me Gene, Dan, Bob, Priscilla and Sal, the vacancy definitely has my vote.

C’mon guys.  It’s the beginning of the year.  Let’s take this a little seriously.


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