Posted by: Dawn Powell | December 5, 2011

Planning Board – November 2011

Planning Board Meeting – Putnam Valley

November 21, 2011 

Tom was only 10 minutes late for the meeting, and it was almost over.

 Extensions for the soccer camp (3rd), the project on Woods End Road, and Maple Leaf (2nd)  – the truck dispatch and lot for the landscaping vehicles at the entrance to Lake Peekskill.

 Two changes described as minor field changes.  If driveway topcoat is on the site plan, I can see the omission of the topcoat as a minor field change.  For the Kisslinger project, it looks like a change to the resolution instead of a field change.  The applicant wants to install the pipe to the drainage basin at the same time as the curtain drain, so that they won’t have to go into the wetlands again.  The DOH is requiring the curtain drain before they will grant approval.  Approval is not assured.  It will depend on the conditions after the curtain drain is installed.

A project on Oscawana Lake Road is discontinued.

 They will approve sketch for Homeland Towers at tomorrow night’s meeting.

 Unrelated to this meeting, the post office project started.  I don’t remember what the color scheme is for the overhang that they are constructing.  The building is planned for yellow and red.  In Peekskill, there is a building that uses two different colors on two sections of the building, and another section is brick.  The Bean Runner Café is in the building.  You can see the concept executed, and have a cup of coffee.  In Peekskill, it looks quite good, though it is a different color scheme.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.


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