Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 17, 2011

Putnam Valley Town Board Irregular Meeting – August 10, 2011

Note: I was asked what cold stunned sea turtles are.  When the water starts to get colder, sea turtles remain in the warm pockets, and then when they are migrating, their body temperatures drop in the cold areas, and they will die without assistance.  With a phone call Riverhead Foundation will rescue them, revive them, and return them to the ocean.  Check them out at their website or on facebook.  The turtles need individuals to locate them and call for help.

Bob’s Irregular Meeting – August 10, 2011

You may have to watch it in slo-mo.  Bob must’ve had a hot date.  He sure was in a hurry.  He had his usual executive session (backroom meeting) about personnel and litigation about the town doing something on
private property without permission.  He went around in circles trying not to say what it was about.  Bob said they could break all the laws they wanted because Bill Zutt wasn’t there.

Note: I do not actually know that Bob had a hot date, and I do not wish to be sued for libel or slander, and I do not wish to be driven out of my home.  I have said that my blog is opinion.  Do we need to have a
disclaimer on everything to avoid being sued by these guys?  Can someone please let me know.  I’ll put it in every other sentence if necessary.  Tedious, but I don’t want to lose my home, and that seems to be the trend in this town.

These were the emergency items that could not wait for the real meeting:

They are applying for a grant for a sweeper under the Clean Air Act, because leaves are burned….

They appointed a full time water operator for Glenmar Gardens for $600 a month.  What a bargain!  They might actually have to do that one again.

They are signing a bus contract with the PV school district – no explanation, no money mentioned.

They are bidding out for the transfer station – garbage from LP to its final resting place.  Maybe this is the year to stop doing it this way.

They are imposing a weight limit on Wood Street.

They are signing the fireworks contract, no money mentioned.

Bob sees conspiracy theorists everywhere, and no one knows anything about anything, so if you want
to know what’s happening, you are supposed to call his office.  This time it was about the septic system at
the ambulance corps.  Except that the ambulance building is relatively new, so why does it need a new septic system, and wasn’t there a new site plan application before the Planning Board because the fire
department wants their building next door, and doesn’t that change the whole building permit process, and if there is a change in the original site plan for the ambulance corps, wouldn’t they need to go back to the Planning Board, and what is happening with the fire department on their environmental review
process, and didn’t they say that they would not move forward with the process if they didn’t get the grant, and didn’t they not get the grant?  Bob’s info is strictly on a need to know basis, and he doesn’t believe that the rest of us need to know much.

Bob announced his Free Brian concert.

Tonight they will bid an affectionate farewell to Rita Sharples (Rita from the hardware store) who is

They will hear a proposal for restoration of Lake Peekskill.

They are going to pay someone to paint the pole barn (at the entrance to the park).

They are going to join the watershed group that Vinnie Tamagna and Sam O. told us to join, then Sam O.
said not to, and now it is on again.  They are going after all that NYC money that isn’t there anymore.

They are going to send some Planning Board members to the Planning Federation conference.

And Greg Ball will be there for some heavy duty politicking.   The local pols need to distance themselves from their ardent support of Vinnie Leibell.  It seems we are supposed to forget about all that unpleasantness.

It will be a long meeting, with lots of politics.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.


Ps: We should free the turkeys too, but cold stunning season will start soon, and we need to save
those sea turtles.



  1. Your opinion or not, bloggers are not protected nor exempt from slander or libel litigation and even a disclaimer wont protect you. So try to keep your venomous hatred for Bob, the Town Board & Planning Board at a minimum or you may end up like Mr. Gibbons. Although I doubt your stupid enough to write slanderous letters to County Legislators, the Sheriff, the Governor and countless other officials so you may be OK.

    • Sounds like a threat to me! The SLAPP suit may be alive and well in Putnam Valley. Repress that free speech every which way you can. I hereby retract my comment about Bob having a hot date. I have no evidence of such hot date, and I would not wish to impugn his integrity with such a thing.

  2. No threat Dawn I got nothing but love for ya!! Just be careful I don’t want to see anyone get slapped with a lawsuit or loose their home.

  3. Harassment in any form is a criminal offense and if I didn’t know any better, I would think the brave anonymous poster had crossed the line somewhere in one of his inane comments. By the way, a blogger’s anonymity is no protection as we saw in the Lohud/ Ottinger case.

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