Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 14, 2011

Putnam Valley Planning Board – 8/8/11

Planning Board August 8, 2011

For months, the Planning Board has had only one person who has wanted to make a public comment at a
public hearing.  You would think that they could handle one encounter with a human.  I guess they just have too little experience with us.  I can understand that they are not there to be yelled at, and they might feel threatened, but as a public board, they need to try to cope with one encounter.

The landowner has every reason to be upset.  He wasn’t noticed in any timely manner.  The project has been going on for years.   He wasn’t allowed to speak when the project was being discussed.  He doesn’t know what SEQR is, and what about this concept of the applicant doing his own environmental review!   And the variances were done 7 years ago.  Do you see any problem with that? The yelling was all about the DEP project on the water shaft, and NYC DEP.  It is up to the board to resolve the issues, not the surrounding community.  Due diligence is their job and the applicant’s.

D minus, guys.  Invite public participation, and you might actually get better at it.  Stop working
behind closed doors.  And intimidation isn’t the way to get better at it.

I don’t think that bouncer is in the job description for building inspector, but I will check.

No one from the public commented at the other public hearings.   The Planning Board handled that very well.

The NYC DEP will be doing shaft work on the shaft of their aqueduct on Route 301, fencing the area, and
paving the driveway.  At least a temper tantrum has delayed the decision for 62 days.   Usually the comments are just ignored. Try a lawyer.  That seems to make them more willing to listen.

There was a public hearing for Paley on Hemlock Point Drive.  2 houses to one, 7 bedrooms down to 5, a garage green roof, an area that was quarried becoming a rain garden, a cistern to collect roof water, for garden and green roof watering, and a deed restricted vegetative buffer for the lake, new septic.  Site disturbance is unfortunate, but it’s a positive change.  No comments from the public.

Michener was on for a bond reduction.  They were granted an extension at the last meeting – the 6th.  The catch is that they want to put up a 37 acre parcel as security for $150,000 of the bond.  The town has never done that.  I don’t know if they will go for creative financing now.  They will decide on September
12.  There was only one August Planning  Board meeting.

Kisslinger was given a 6 month extension.  The curtain drain has not been installed yet, and the DOH will not inspect it until March.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels.  Free the turkeys.



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