Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 14, 2011

Putnam Valley Planning Board – 7/25/11

Planning Board, July 25, 2011

Putnam Valley

A good meeting to watch.


The shooting range at the Boy Scout Camp was the application that provoked the most interest, but the
Planning Board does not allow the public to say anything until there is a public hearing, and that happens after they have decided everything.  In spite of that, some people wrote letters.  No one in the public would know that unless they had reviewed the application.

This is an unpopular proposal.  As is his wont, Mr. Tendy has expressed his opinion in favor of it, disregarding the residents who will be affected, and the fragile environment that will be damaged.  Wild creatures don’t much like the sound of gunshots.  There would be a four acre fenced area.

Tom Carano did an excellent job.  He was well informed and passionate.  Quiet Mr. Raetzer seems to
support Bob.

The Boy Scouts pay no taxes for the property, and decided that to make up for that, they would invite
the Sheriff’s department to use the shooting range for training.  That would mean the use of lead shot in the

This proposal is such a bad idea for so many reasons.  I would hope that the Boy Scouts would opt for the planet, and the obvious value that environmental protection offers to the boys, in terms of their camping
experience, their sense of worth, their community, their stewardship and their future.  In the ongoing Habitat for Humanity program, it was an Eagle Scout project that recycled the existing building.  Clearly this is a group of boys and parents who care about their impact in the world.  And their experience will last for their entire lives.

This will impact a lot in the community, and it’s just not necessary.

They denied sketch and sent it to the zoning Board for code interpretations.  We will see if we are held hostage to this notion, or if common sense will prevail.

Moving on, the first two agenda items were the NYC DEP, and the easement issues had been resolved.  Someone was there from the public, but the Chair would not recognize him.  There have been some brief moments when this Board has allowed public participation, outside of the late stage public hearings.
Mostly, they do not welcome public participation. So they set a public hearing for August 8, and that member of the public will be allowed to speak, and then they will vote to approve.  Lousy process.

Next there was a proposal for Hemlock Point Drive to demolish two dwellings and build one with a new
septic. A rain garden is proposed to reduce phosphorus runoff, a green roof, a pervious patio and the septic will be out of the wetlands and buffer.  Unfortunately there may be blasting.  I guess you can’t have everything.

But what I really would like now is that these ideas be extended to the rest of the town.  The phosphorus law is now statewide, and other green ideas need to be used outside of the Lake Oscawana district.  While the impaired lake status gives the PB an excuse to include these innovations, they are a discretionary board, and can innovate in other places as well.

There is a bizarre proposal on Wood Street.  There is one house on the 3.47 acre lot, and they want a 2 lot subdivision.  There isn’t enough road frontage.  Because it is on the Taconic, they need a full environmental review and a coordinated review, so the Planning Board declared its intent to be lead agent, and denied sketch approval so that they could go to the zoning board.  The Comprehensive Plan would have eliminated the 1 acre building lot, and the county’s water study recommended larger sites for septic systems.

They granted a 90 day extension for Michener, the controversial project on Woods End Road.  They set a public hearing for August 8 on bond reduction.


Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Free the turkeys.



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