Posted by: Dawn Powell | August 5, 2011

Planning Board June 6

First June Planning Board Meeting

Putnam Valley June 6, 2011

One of the few months when the PB had two meetings.  That may change now that there is a full compliment of Planning Board members.

There are two houses that are on parcels that are too small, but they already exist.  .25 acres and .67 acres.  Cold Spring Road and Lake Shore Drive.  Demolition and reconstruction.

There was a lot line change on Bryant Pond Road for Liverzani and Faranda.

There are some issues to be worked out for the NYC DEP’s aqueduct shaft reconstruction on Route
301.  This has been an ongoing project for a long time.

They discussed the Rodriguez plan next to the Hudson Highlands Land Trust property on Peekskill
Hollow Road.  This was the one approved without the architectural plans.  The plans that were recently submitted did not conform to the updated site plan.  When I saw the approval, I didn’t  understand why the Board passed it without corrected architectural plans.  I understand less now that I have seen the prior meeting where it was discussed.  Mike Raimondi wanted to make the corrected plans a part of the approval.  Bill Zutt said not to make it a condition of approval. He wanted to have the discrepancy squared away before the resolution was approved.  Then, he suddenly asked the applicant if he would agree to having the land trust approve the architectural plans.  The applicant said yes, and the Planning Board set the public hearing for June 20, where the application was approved with the discrepancy to be corrected later.

I don’t know why.

Then they discussed Meister.  This name was mentioned at the Town Board meeting for one of Bob’s many, many executive sessions on litigation.  Of course Bob did not give any information on how our tax dollars are being spent on lawsuits.  It seems that Mr. Meister is suing the town for trespass, installing a drainage pipe.   This would have been your highway crew.  But there is a septic in an intermittent watercourse, and pipes that  drain this private property into the town catch basin.  I know another place where private property  drains into a town catch basin, but Bob knows about that too…..

It should be interesting.

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Free the turkeys!



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