Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 25, 2011

Putnam Valley Town Board – July 20, 2011

Town Board – July 20, 2011

There was difficult news this past  week for the town.  Skip Dalton has worked for the Town for
decades, mainly in the Lake Peekskill Improvement District.  We are saddened by his untimely death on July 17th.

The library has Mango language learning available for online learning.

Gary gave a useful highway report, telling us how the highway crew is spending its time. They are trying
to get 2 cleanings per catch basin per year around the lakes, and one in the others.  They have one mower out every day, some days two.

There is a fire department parade on 9/24 at 2PM.

Bob proved for the second time in his long years in office that he can almost announce an executive
session properly.  He just loves his private meetings to talk about litigation and personnel.  And he had his meeting at the beginning of  the public meeting, and made everyone wait.
Sam O called him on it.

Judge Nikolai gave his final ruling against George, and the County is going to send an eviction notice
to the garage on August 2.  Sam O seems happy about that.

Habitat for Humanity is considering rehabbing the Ingersoll house, that is more fashionably being called Croft House.  A member of the public asked me why.  The Ingersolls are the people living in the house.  For anyone who does not remember or has not followed it, it is the house on Crofts Corners that is falling apart.  The one across from the one Bob tore down.  It used to be an old tavern/brothel.  The county owns it and is willing to sell it to us for a buck, occupants and all .  Sam O said that the tenants are presenting a bit of a problem….  Wendy was going to move them into a senior module on the property. Dan Ricci was going to have them caretake the property for the community.  Now, Sam O tells us that social services is involved, perhaps to get rid of them before next May’s tax sale.

We’ll get all these old people run out of town yet.

The maintenance security for the North Shore Road ext was released to Kisslinger.  Gene asked for the paperwork from the town engineer, and Zutt told him that the bond had expired December 2010, making the paperwork irrelevant.

They accepted a low bid for equipment for the Lake  Oscawana improvement grant.

Now, the next one was interesting.  When the Town Hall maintenance position was made full time, Sam D.
opposed it, saying that there was no necessity for a full time position.  Bob apparently doesn’t know that he created that full time position.  They appointed Frank Cassidy to cover for Manny while he’s on vacation at a rate of $15/hour.  Gene asked if that’s a 40 hour week, because Frank is also working on the weed harvester.
Bob said it’s not full time..….

Elite Environmental will get $2600 to install heating oil overflow valves at Parks and Rec.

There was a long discussion about AT&T’s desire to build a wireless tower of undetermined height on Piano Mountain, next to the Cablevision/(Verizon) tower.  Bob said something about “due diligence to see what we can do to get this tower up.”

The Town code favors co-location.  Structural deficiencies of the Cablevision tower were discussed.
The tower is supposed to be inspected every five years.  It hasn’t been inspected.  A letter was sent to Irv with no  response.  John Landi is on vacation this week.  The grounds were described as ugly, not well kept.

So, after the long discussion, the guy from Cuddy and Feder for AT&T asked the Board to approve concept
review, and say that they accept that AT&T needs a wireless facility on Piano Mountain.  That was never discussed, and Bob Cinque voted against it, the only one.  Good for him.

The next guy was from Orange County Emergency Communications.   They are looking to fill a hole in 911 communications for staging in catastrophic events.  He was given a waiver of the building permit fee.

Jackie was very animated about a traffic study for Wood Street, where she lives, and Bob was none too patient in letting her talk, interrupting frequently.  They want to lower the speed limit to 30, and put a 5 ton weight limit on it.  Why 5 tons for Wood Street and 10 tons for Peekskill Hollow Road?

Bob did not read the Parks and Rec employee hirings, but they passed them.

Bob invited everyone to the LP party, “anyone who is a member of our community.”  He even has his own team.  So the LP Community Center is now officially available only for Town and Parks and Rec events.  And none of the groups that use it care to maintain or repair it, so the roof repair that has been ignored, is now a major project.  It has gone out for bid.  Someone from LP suggested we tear down the
community center since it is not being used for the benefit of the community, no one is taking care of it, and it is costing us money.

Funny thing though, this is Bob’s Entergy party.  And Entergy hasn’t been mentioned.  Do you think that
Bob understands the implications of Fukushima? Or is it just that community propaganda is becoming too expensive?

Gene said that drivers should slow down in LP.  We’ll see if that works.

Ted is trying to get the LP lake restoration meeting scheduled with Aquatic Restorations, but no one else
had anything to say.

A water operator for Glenmar Gardens was appointed for $150/month.

Bob’s announcement about the coming budget discussions was ominous.  Sounds like he wants to raise taxes again.

Adopt cats. Buy bagels.  Save sea turtles.



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