Posted by: Dawn Powell | July 21, 2011

Putnam Valley Planning Board – July 20, 2011

Planning Board Meeting – June 20,2011

The second of the June Planning Board meetings.  There will only be one July meeting, and probably only one August. By the July meeting, Bob will have his two new Board members. There have been only 3 members plus the ad hoc for months, even years,because no one was acceptable to Bob.  He will appoint during the irregular meeting, in the hope that no one is paying attention.

At the July meeting, the PB will be talking about a shooting range at the Boy Scout camp.

The first house on the agenda is the one proposed next to land trust property, five bedroom.  It’s a pretty big house next to a land trust.  This was the public hearing and there were no comments, and it was approved contingent to some stuff.   It has to be approved by the land trust, but since they want people to put land into trusts, it’s difficult for them to do anything at this point.  The applicant has to get land trust approval and then come back for an extension.  The floor plan and elevations have to be submitted.  Why doesn’t that happen
before approval?  The good news is that the land in the trust has someone looking out for it.  Unfortunately, for land placed into conservation easements with the town, there is no trustee.

The second house on the agenda got most of the attention.  It was on for sketch approval, and come hell or high water, the Chair was gonna get that sketch approved.  This is probably a parcel that is not developable.  It has a 1700’ driveway.  The stream crossings require Army Corps of Engineer permitting.
Blasting is on the plans, though they probably will not need it.  Putnam Valley still does not have a blasting
law. …  The wetlands inspector was not convinced about the house location.  Tom spoke up in favor of supporting the expert opinion and getting more information.  They talked about new plans with another location, lower, closer to the road.  They talked about walking the property.  Annette and Mike were there 2 years ago.  Annette could not remember if there was another possible location for the house, but then decided that the one chosen was a lovely spot.  The engineer for the project said that there was no point in walking the property without another set of plans with a different location.  So rather than bother with new plans, they decided to ignore the wetlands inspector, and approve the sketch.  Expect that sort of thing to get worse in the near future.  Five bedrooms, with steep slopes, a ridiculously long driveway, wetlands.

And last but not least, they granted an extension for a project without giving any info.  They do that all the time.  The length of the extension was not specified, and Jan said something about the number of extensions being unlimited?????

Adopt cats.  Buy bagels. Save sea turtles.



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